Prisca’s POV

I’m probably one of the last people she wants to see but at the end of the day she has to realise that i still love her as a sister...


I was at the house listening to music on my blackberry then i get a call... it was from ray ray... that was unexpected...

Ray: Come quick call Seph, Prince, Roc aswell she’s hurt she’s hurt

Me: Wait Hol’up calm down ray who’s hurt? Take a deep breath

Ray: Stephanie! We found her and she just got knocked out by a car she’s weak af

Me: Okay where are you?

Ray: Um i’m in the ambulance van with libby and Stephanie

Me: Okay expect me there in 5 mins and i’m taking your car

Ray: yeah whatever just hurry up

Me: Okay Bye *Hangs Up*

Dang this is not what i expected i gotta go find them all and they all hate me... whatever i’m
gonna go see prince first

I burst into prince ‘s room i didn’t know i had been crying but he looked at me then looked

Me: Get Up Now We Got To Go

Prince: I ain’t going anywhere with you

Me: Don’t do this for me do it for Stephanie! She’s hurt

Prince: *eyes widen* Hurt?

Me: *Explains what ray said*

Prince: Okay i’ll go get seph you find roc

Me: Okay... and prince..

Prince: Yes?

Me: I’m sorry

Prince: *rolls his eyes* Whatever..

I Go Into Roc’s room and...

Steph’s POV

I woke up to white walls machinery everywhere and sephora squeezing the remains of my life out of me... she realised i woke and she got up she looked pale, sick, and hurt also very confused... i didn’t say anything so she started biting her nails like mad the silence was killing me so she decided to speak up.

Seph: Why did you leave?

I said nothing.

Seph: Why didn’t you tell me if you were okay?

I kept quite.

Seph: You know i never ate or moved for 9 whole days

I looked down... and she sighs

Seph: I’m sorry i’m just so confused

I turned to my left and say prince. His eyes all red and puffy from crying he was all shaky aswell i looked at him and before i could say anything he answered my unsaid question.

Prince: He isn’t coming.

I nodded then cried... who was i kidding i love roc and i threw all the trust he had for me away... I’m such an idiot

3 weeks later Stephanie was aloud out of hospital you can’t see any bruises or cuts anymore but she is still on crutches Roc hasn’t spoken to anyone for 4 weeks Everyone is in their own rooms when Stephanie decides to invite everyone to the chill zone (cos her room is being decorated) to talk like old times.

Normal POV