"You Will Be Ruled by the Woman."

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The crack of thunder made Thor frown. He hadn't summoned anything. Everyone turned to the sound, was coming from Zeus's Master Bolt.

The Norseman almost facepalmed.

The King of the Greek Gods stood high above everyone, so all eyes were on him, "I'd like to give a toast. First to the Seven." He raised a glass and all other glasses quickly followed.

Perci snorted, crossed her arms and raised a perfect eyebrow at him.

Zeus glared at his niece, "For saving us all from Gaia and the Giants. As well as to those who defeated Kronos and the Titans. We could not have done it without you."

Off to the side, Dionysus called out drunkenly, "Hear hear!!"

Next, to Thor, Loki scoffed in amusement, scaring the crap out of the blond God. He punched his brother in the arm, making the God of Mischief stumble away, grabbing his bicep with a killing look. His glare, however, only made Thor give him an innocent grin. The two then noticed that Odin had joined Zeus, in front of everyone.

Perci saw Poseidon begin to panic, "You bastard. You swore you would not announce it toni-"

Her father dissipated and appeared right next to his brother. He began to furiously whisper into his ear. One brother's face turned thunderous, while the other's turned stormy.

Murmurs rippled through the minor Gods and Goddesses.

The rest of the Seven joined Perci, Annabeth and Jason. For some reason, Thor stayed right beside the Daughter of Poseidon to the Roman demigod's frustration. Loki stood next to Thor, leaning on his cane with a bored look.

Perci's gaze swept over the crowd and for a moment she met Aphrodite's. She grinned and gave her two thumbs up to the demigoddess's confusion. Her attention flickered over toward Hera, who was watching her with a conflicted expression.

The sea green-eyed heroine darted over the other Gods.

Apollo looked disappointed.

Artemis was sympathetic and thoroughly annoyed.

Athena wore a blank face like she didn't know what to think.

Hestia, sad and apologetic.

Demeter was munching on a muesli bar whilst glaring at Hades.

The God of the Underworld had his hand on his wife's waist, the Original Persephone.

Hermes was too busy talking on his phone, with George and Martha arguing with each other.

Ares was chatting animatedly with the Norse God of War, whats-his-name.

And Hephaestus was playing with a little gadget.

Zeus must've said something because Poseidon visibly sighed and looked away with a dangerous scowl. Perci's father collapsed into a puddle of sea water, disappearing to...wherever. Zeus coughed, clearing his throat and raised his glass once more. "Odin, the Allfather and I have declared an alliance between the Greeks and the Norse."

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