29. Love

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❝ love ❞

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FINALLY, after crying all night, someone made her smile. Junseo, her best friend, just called her and told that he will be back today at noon. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?" Jihae shouted at him.

Her eyes were already tearing up, and this time, it was because of happiness. "I called you yesterday but you didn't respond my call," he spoke from the other line.

"I'm sorry," she said in a low voice.

It happened since she ignored all the phone calls yesterday but little did she know she would get a good news.

"Only an hour left until your flight lands, so I'm coming to receive you right now." She hung up the call and did her morning routine quickly before getting ready.

Fifteen minutes passed, she hurriedly walked out of her room only to find her husband standing right there. "Where are you going?" Jungkook asked with a straight face, blocking her way.

"Let me go." She tried to walk past him but he continued blocking her. "LET ME GO." She harshly pushed him and walked past him, making him scoff.

"Now I can't even ask where you were going?" he asked but she ignored him and walked downstairs.

The door was locked and she remembered that the key was with him. She turned around and Jungkook was right behind her. "Give me the key," she asked but this time, he ignored her.

She stomped her feet and walked upstairs, towards the window but the ladder was already gone. "I removed it," Jungkook suddenly spoke near her ear, making her jump.

"Please, give me the key, I'm already late." She pleaded with him. "It's dangerous for you to leave the house." He tried to convince her.

"What kind of danger?" she asked, but he couldn't say anything. He had no idea why was she acting like this suddenly and also why she wanted divorce sooner.

Also, he couldn't tell her about his mother's revenge because he was also a part of it and he knew it well that if she finds out, she would hate him. One day she would definitely find out but at least not today. The person you loved hating you was what no one wanted to experience in their lives.

Jungkook was silent and she sighed. "Stop messing with me and give me the key," she asked again but he didn't listen to her. "Since when did you even started caring about me?" she asked and noticed the key was peeking from his pocket.

"Tell me about to danger and I won't leave." She walked closer but couldn't look at his eyes directly, so she avoided them.

Her one hand cupped his cheek while the other tried to take the keys and she succeeded. After the key was in her hand, she stepped back. "I'm leaving," she said and walked out.

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