Are you In Love?

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"Here is your coffee...and this tea is mine. Shall we cheers?" Lona asked Phillip while she hold her cup of tea.

"Yes, of course. It is very important to do. If we do not do it, the great taste of our drinks will be lesse" Phillip tried to dramatisize his answer.

"What do you mean by saying it is very important to do? Obviously, it is the most important to do. Nothing more important to do than that! " Lona answered Phillip with her  her eyes widened.

Phillip chuckled and said " Alright, then...cheers!"


They were enjoying their drink.

"How is your thesis?" Phillip asked with a soft but deep voice at the same time.

Lona who was drinking her tea suddenly was choked by the question of the gentleman who sat beside her. "Why so sudden, Sir?"

Phillip chuckled "Look at you! Your reaction is look like a person who being asked if she or he is a single"

"Oh..that person must be you. You are telling about your experience right now. "

"Oh...No" Phillip refuted it.

"Oh.. Yes" Lona quickly replied. Her voice is so warm, lovely but also sensual at the same time.


"Yes yes yesss..!" The unintentionally sensual tone of Lona was realized by Phillip here.



"Nooo....Emmhh... wait. We need to stop it" Suddenly, he thought that their noisy makes an ambiguity if someone hear them.

"Sounds so childish?"

"Sounds mature, actually," PhilIip grinned. Lona do not understand what he means while Phillip just continued to drink his coffee until his cup was empty.

" I think I need to go home. It is so late. Nice to talk to you, Lona" Phillip farewelled to Lona. He stood and went out, followed by Lona who walk behinds him until he get in to his car.

"Okay. Please drive safely"said Lona.

"Thank you. Please have a nice sleep. Good night"



Lona, who was so relax and comfort to talk with Phillip, suddenly blush to realize that she had talk with him.  She drowned her face to the pillow. She did not get the idea how it started. She look at her phone. Is he already home? Should I ask to Mishellina? If I do it, she will give me lot of questions for sure. Should I just ask Phillip directly? If I do it, I do not know what to text.

She repeated the same question on her mind until she finally decided to let it go. She pulled her blanket  and turned off the lamp. Only about two minutes she closed her eyes, she got her phone vibrated. Her right hand was running through the right side of the bed. When she finally found her phone, she looked at it and was shocked.

Hi, Lona. It's me, Phillip. I am safely home ( read at 00.45)

Lona smiled and her heart was racing. How can i sleep tonight? I did not know what to do. I did not know what to say. She took a breath and thought of the sentences that she should give to Phillip. She took a glass of water before she texted anything. 

√√ Thank you for gave me a ride to home, Phillip. You are the best*
*terms & condition : this predicate is valid only for today, can change anytime without announcement ;P

Lona bited her lips. She felt that the words were right for the first five seconds and suddenly felt that her words was so corny, then she backed to her firsy opinion, and so on. She did this back and forth during waiting for his reply. She can not be cool this time. She can not handle it. No, she just do not want to handle it.

Meanwhile, Phillip was changed his clothes in his room. He heard someone knocking his bedroom door.

"Yes..wait" Phillip hastened his move and then walk trough the door. His heart gave a jump when saw the person standing in front of him. It was his sister, wearing her a weird mask for her skin care routine.

 It was his sister, wearing her a weird mask for her skin care routine

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"What are you doing?" Phillip asked her.
"Hihihi.... I am so cute, right?"
"Oh...if ghosts are really exist, i think they will resign and repent after seeing you"

Mischellina stepped in his brother toes and grinned. "I think that you will be home when we can already see the sunrise "

"You have not sleep yet because of your thesis?" Phillip changed the subject.

"Noo... Ewhh. I just finished watching a horror movie. It is so scary. I think I can not sleep alone"

"You scared of the movie? Is the mirror in your room broken?"

"Whatever...i want to sleep here. " Mischellina come in to her brother room and climbed to the bed. She took one of the pillow with her, put off the mask and left it on the bedside table.

" not put it there. You almost put it right on my phone" Phillip complained. He immediately put the mask into the trash in his toilet. He washed his face before go to bed, take his phone with him and lie down on the bed. He checked a chat from Lona and chuckled. Mischellina who already closed her eyes for some minutes was distracted. She looked at her brother who was smiling at the phone.

"Hmm...I guess there is a man who is in love" Mischellina teased her brother. Phillip immediately keep his phone away from his sister. Mischellina chuckled and then close her eyes again to sleep.

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