Cut It! (Undoubtedlymine)

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Cut it off my chest If you will

It will not change its rhythm

Its beats are no stone marbles

For you to play with them

No Maths will ever help you

Solve my heart's algorithm


You just wait and watch

How I'll change the whole theme

You will see the dazzling sparkles

In a moment around your head

I'm not interested in solving algorithms

Cutting you into pieces is my only aim


Cut it off my chest If you will

My love you will not sever

Its beat will keep on pulsing

Calling you with each quiver

You may have ceased to be

For me you are gone never


Aha! glimpses of positive change

But I can sense something sly

I know you can't live without me then

Why do you tease me all the time?

Will you stop irritating me? Reply

Don't give me that stupid smile


Oh, cut it out my funny friend!

You're now ruining this poem

Wish I had some heavy words

In hand to throw you with'em

But my soft heart won't allow me

To hurt my good friend, UDM


Just shut up and don't you dare

Stop blaming me for partnership fail

We'll discuss the poem sometime later

I'm so hungry that I can't even move

Now go, arrange some food dear Mo

Instead of behaving like an irritator


Come on, UDM be patient

I'm trying to be serious here

Writing is not a piece of cake

I want to make myself clear

If you want to stuff your face

Don't ask me to serve you dear


Blah blah blah blah blah

As if your poem was the best

Stop daydreaming wake up

Clear all your doubts dear Mo

So even if we have come this far

We still have a long way to go


Ugh! I need more coffee

I woke up at 5 a.m.

I thought I said I'm gloomy

To write all this in a whim

It's like we're in cold December

And you're asking me to swim


Just then the doorbell rings

The friendly fight takes a pause

They stare each other down

And they both rush to the door

Mickey's there with a sweet smile

Balancing some bags full of food

Spreading the aroma of joy around

And everyone's now in a good mood


This was originally Written for PoetsPub June competition. But we decided to extended the poem because IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO FIGHT! XD

No, I'm kidding . It was an amazing experience to collaborate with my friend undoubtedlymine who actually encouraged me to do this. Thank you my friend. And thank you _Imperfect_Writing for bringing the food!!!

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