Chapter 2

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((Sorry guys this is short! Had to connect it with next chapter!))


**two weeks after Tom left, I haven't seen him since that day and now I was starting to film the movie**

So, here I was, scared and nervous to death, not knowing who I was working with, and hoping I would be a great co-star because apparently this man was super famous and total gentleman!




"Easy Y/N, everything is gonna be okay, if not, there will be plenty of opportunities!" I said to myself

**my phone rang, it was Tom, that made me smile**

"Hello Tom!! How are you? Already filming?"

"Hi darling! No, not yet, first I'm meeting my co-star, they said she is pretty new but great and also beautiful" he almost whispered that last part

"Ohh, hahaha hope you like her! She must be really nice!"

"How about you?"

"You know, that same thing is happening to me right now! My co-star apparently super famous and hot as hell is going to meet me in a few minutes!"

"Hehehe, not as good looking as me! Hehehe **he laughed a his own joke** good luck! You are gonna leave everyone shocked with your acting!"

"Thanks Tom! Good luck to you too!"

**we hang up and I heard a knock on the dressing room door**

"Coming!" I said

**when I opened the door and couldn't believe what I was seeing!**




"Tom!!! Omg are you my co-star?!?"

"Y/N!!! I believe so!!" **he hugged me tightly

"So what about the actress beginner? What do you think of her?" I asked jokingly

"I find her so talented! What about your 'hot as hell famous' co-star? Do you like him?"

We both started laughing

"I really can't believe this! We are working together!!!"


((End of chapter 2!))

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