Chapter 1

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So, Tom and I had been friends for ages, we were almost raised together, he is my best friend.




As you may know he is a famous talented actor and I'm really happy for him. On the other hand I've tried to become a famous actress but always failed. Today it was different, I got an audition for a part in a new romantic movie. After I finished, they told me they would call me later if they had news.




I forgot about it and continued with my daily life. I took a shower before heading to bed without eating cause I was tired and also didn't want to eat alone.

I got out of the shower and went to the living room to pick up my cellphone, when I got there a familiar voice behind me said "finally out of the shower! You like it to be wet and kill me right?" **I turned around to face Tom sitting in my couch, he has keys of my apartment and I have his just for emergencies**

"Omg Tom! You startled me!! Don't ever do that again!!" I shouted while running to hug him **for you to know I only was covered in a towel, but I didn't mind cause; first, he was Tom, and second I haven't seen him in months!!** he hugged me tightly

"Next time you text me, so I can be prepared!"

"Ehehe okay, I'm sorry I scared you"

"I'm gonna get dressed, coming in five!"

"Sure thing!"




When I finished I realized he was talking to someone, so I waited a little longer and checked if I got any new message, I actually had, somebody called me while I was having a shower; it was Adriana, the woman from the audition!

I called back...

"Hello, Adriana?"

"Hello Y/N! How are you?"

"Fine thanks, did you call me?"

"Ohh yes!! I have amazing news!!! YOU GOT THE PART!!! And also, you have a beautiful and amazing co-star who has just confirmed us he is making the movie!"

"YOU ARE KIDDIN RIGHT? OMG!! Thank you so much, sorry it's just I've never acted in a movie before and less being the protagonist!!"

"Ohh it's okay, glad you are happy! You will be amazing!"

"So who is this guy, I co-star?"

"That's a surprise, you guys will meet here on the set in two weeks when the filming starts!"

"Ohh that's awesome!"

**the plot of the film talked about a young girl who fall in love with her best friend, a sweet romantic comedy movie**

"Okay, I have to hang up! See you in two weeks!!"

"See you to! Bye!!"




**I headed back to the living room where Tom was, he already hang up his phone and was waiting for me**

Both at the same time, we said:


Hahaha we both laughed,

"You talk first" he said

"Noo! You!"

"Okay both"

We both said again at the same time


"Omg really??" He asked

"Yess!! My first one! Ohh Tom! I'm happy for you!"

"No no, I'm happy for you! What is the plot about?"

"What about ordering food and then we talk about it later?" I suggested

"Sure! Pizza?"


**he ordered pizza while I waited**

"It's coming in half an hour"

"Great! Now, talk me about Thor The Dark World Premiere, how did it go?"

"Ohh it was wonderful, all the fans out there, I love them, they are so caring and sweet"

"Yeaah that's true, you have the best fans in the world, they are so respectful, and you love them and that's awesome"

"Yess it is!"




The pizza guy arrived and I payed him.

"Pizza is here!!" I said

"Finally! I was starving!"he replied

We ate while watching one of my favourite movies 'The Bounty Hunter' starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

"Ohh I love this two!!"

"Believe me I know" he said and I giggled

I had my head on his lap while he touched my hair. Later we fell asleep like this.




We woke up for luch time.

"So we really got asleep yesterday didn't we?"

I laughed "yes we did!"

"Okay I have to go to the U.S and coming back in two weeks for my movie!"

"Two weeks?! How can I wait that long??" I said jokingly

"You may have to watch Thor and The Avengers for the million time!" He said that because of how much I love Marvel movies and Loki as well :)

"Maybe, ohh and later we are talking about our new upcoming movies aren't we?"

"Sure! Bye darling, gonna miss you!"

"Bye Tom! Will miss you too!!"



((End of chapter 1!!))

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