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Lauriam POV name...Lauriam Rose...I'm named after one of the most graceful and beautiful plants on Remnant...but like every rose...they have their thorns.

That's my whole family for ya. They looks nice at first but once you go and shake their hand is when your hand is riddled with cuts and gashes...

That is a spitting definition of the rose family but not just the roses but also the Xiao Longs as well... Heh I find ironic that the Branwen sisters or rather my Aunts have treated me more like a son than my own family... Where did everything go so wrong...? was the day she met HIM. Some don't know this but I have a form of photographic memory so I have remembered everything as an infant. One day when my Summer got with that bastard she couldn't give a damn about her only son... Even as an infant I could see the jealous hate within that bastard's eyes...

That was the day he decided to make sure that my life is hell...

You know Ruby, Yang, and I used to be very close but that soon all changed once Tai got ahold of Yang's morality. She then decided that I was a waste of space and that I shouldn't even be born, you know the usual.

From time to time with my Aunts, Raven and Qrow, and my sister Ruby would sneak me out of the house through the backyard and I'd lead them to a place within the forest that not even summer knows about.

A secret garden but not just any secret garden but MY secret garden. You see I have a knack for gardening which is understandable when you got a semblance that controls plant life. I even came up with a new type of rose, I originally got the idea of the rose from reading a book about pirates but instead of it being a piece of paper that burns away when the user dies but rather my roses will wilt and die if I die or at least I'm about to die.

After a beating from the corrupted and corruptor, my Aunts and sister patched me up and decided that they will take me away from this horrid place...or at least that was the plan...keyword "WAS"

For today was the day. The day where I can leave this hell. And as a thank you gift I made four charms for necklaces. One for me, one for Ruby, and one each for my Aunts.

So I went out looking for them around the house and asked them to come to my 'room' when the monsters leave. And they agreed.


My Aunts and sister then enter my room.

Ruby: What's up big brother?

She asked wondering why they're all here

Lauriam: Well I got a surprise for you three.

I say and their brows go up in confusion

Raven: Well what is it you want to show us Lauriam?

Qrow: Yeah, I want to see what you got to show us pinky

A tic mark grows on my head


I yell at Qrow in annoyance but I know she's just messing

Lauriam: *clears throat* anyway I made you all something that took me a long time to make but they're finished. And what I want you all to do is hold out your hand and close your eyes

They then comply as I place a charm in each of there hands

Lauriam: And you can open your eyes now

They open their eyes and start to tear up from the gift in their hands

They open their eyes and start to tear up from the gift in their hands

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