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  Not long ago, I went to Urban Air. If you don't know, Urban Air is a trampoline park with a indoor zipline and a high up obstacle corse. I got to play there for over four hours (I WAS SO SORE THE NEXT TWO DAYS.) During that time I met two kids, a boy and a girl. They were calling each other gay and I felt very awkward.

  Until, a beautiful girl was talking to them and they said she was a lesbian. We talked for a while and became friends. It turned out she was thirteen. Sadly, though, time flew by faster than I thought it could. I also couldn't stay connected with her because I don't have a phone. She also forgot her phone number.

SORRY AGAIN!!! I was in the mood to draw something and post it, but I promised you all that I would make the next chapter about the new girl. Sorry if it's too short, but I'm gonna start drawing something now that is about bisexuality.

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