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Tony Stark was stubborn as James attempted to bring his brother back to S.H.I.E.L.D HQ. The older brother reminded his younger counterpart that Fury had told Tony that he didn't get along well with others. James knew that that wasn't what Fury wanted to talk to Tony about, but rather, it involved someone close to them. A family that they were close to, and were even considered their family. The couple were S.H.I.E.L.D agents and Fury wanted to recruit the two of them for the Avengers Initiative, for their tech-based abilities. The Snow family was very similar to the Stark family; they were incredibly intelligent and Stark Industries assisted them when it came to creating their technology.

Because of their advanced technology, they were caught on S.H.I.E.L.D's radar, which made Fury want to recruit them.

Returning to S.H.I.E.L.D HQ, Tony and James walked through the various halls, until they came up to the meeting room that Fury wanted them to go to. Tony gave his brother a quick glance before they stepped into the room. That was when the two of them were greeted by a young girl, who they knew as Mallory Snow. The little redhead rushed up to the two Stark men, crying out 'Uncle Tony! Uncle James!" Tony was the first one to pick Mallory up from the ground and spin her in the air, before pulling her against him in a hug.

While Tony held Mallory in his arms, James was greeted by her parents, William and Clarke Mallory. William shook James hand, while Clarke pulled the younger man into an embrace. James began to speak to the two of them about what Nick Fury wanted them at HQ for, but then it was his turn to pluck Mallory from the ground and kiss her on the forehead, then holding her close to him. Young Mallory clung onto James's jacket as her eyes landed on her two parents, and as James continued to speak with them about the Avengers Initiative, Nick Fury entered the room.

The older man's eyes landed on both Clarke and William, who gave them a kind smile. When his eyes landed on young Mallory, it surprised both Tony and James when Nick gave her a bigger smile, that James had ever seen on the Director. His smile even caused Mallory to let out a small giggle before James set her down to the ground. The young girl rushed over to the corner of the table, where Clarke and William had left a coloring book for her as they were to discuss business.

"William, Clarke, I believe that Agent Stark had filled you both in about what you are both doing here," Fury assumed, and both adults nodded to the Director. "Good, take a seat so we can get started." Everyone complied as they took a seat at the table, and James had to hush his brother when Tony made a comment about him not being needed there. But even when James tried to cover up the comment, Fury still heard it. "On the contrary, Mr. Stark, you're still up for deliberation about joining this Initiative."

"Really? I couldn't tell," Tony replied to him in a slightly bitter tone. "Last I checked, you told me I no longer made the cut because my personality clashes with yours."

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