chapter twenty-two ; box cutter

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march. 2010

Millie slowly walked down the sidewalk. She could hear people yelling and screaming in the background. Only a minute or two after the gunshot was heard, someone found Marvin's body. She knew she needed to get as far away from the apartment building as she could but her entire body felt weak. She was still trying to process everything that she'd done.

All of a sudden, someone pulled her into a chokehold and she felt something being pressed against her back.

"If you try to scream or get away, you're dead." Caleb whispered into her ear. He'd went to the apartment building and saw the commotion. He knew that Millie had gone through with it so after that he was trying his best to find the girl. To his surprise, finding her was rather easy.

Since Millie didn't really want to die, she did what Caleb told her to do. She slowly walked toward a maroon car that she assumed was his. He opened the passenger door and harshly shoved her inside.


There was an incredibly uncomfortable silence at the lab. Finn simply sat and fiddled with his jacket while Mike held tightly onto his gun and thought about what could've happened. He had a good feeling that Millie had succeeded in killing Marvin, and he knew that Dom wasn't going to be happy about that.

The door suddenly flew open and Millie slowly walked into the lab with her hands up. Caleb followed closely behind with his gun pointed at her back. Mike's eyes widened as he stood up and Finn's stomach dropped.

Millie stopped walking. "I did it." She whispered proudly. She obviously wasn't proud that she'd killed an innocent man however she was proud that she saved her friend. She put her life in danger to save Finn, something she thought she'd never do. She never thought that she would grow to care about him like she did. She was beginning to think that maybe she loved him.

"She killed him." Caleb voiced to Mike. The older man scoffed and put his hands on his waist, not knowing what to do. He was going to have to call Dom about it although he didn't want to.

Caleb smirked deviously and looked at Finn. "Your plan didn't work though."

Finn and Millie looked at the man in confusion. They'd murdered Marvin so why was he saying that their plan was a flop?

"Finn, I've been watching you cook ever since you came. I know your recipe just as good as Marvin did." He added. With that, he walked over to the tall shelves and began to grab some ingredients.

He was going to prove that he knew the recipe by making his own batch of meth. He turned on some of the fancy appliances while he kept mentally repeating the steps of the recipe. He'd been doing his best to memorize Finn's recipe just in case something did end up happening to Marvin. He was damn glad that he did.

"I want to go on the record and say that we should all be wearing masks." Finn voiced loudly and clearly. He knew the hazards of using dangerous chemicals without the proper protection. Mike simply ignored him and Caleb scoffed.

The minutes kept passing. Millie nervously bounced her leg up and down, waiting for some crazy stuff to go down. She had a good feeling that she was going to die sometime that day, so she was mentally preparing herself for it.

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