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Mage's POV

It's breakfast time, time to eat. I sat on the chair beside mom and Jack sat beside me.

"Mage, Jack. Is it fine with both of you to be left here?" Dad asked.

"What? Why?" I asked while taking a bite of my food.

"Your mom and I will leave tomorrow morning, we have work. Nana and Witty, they'll be the one to take care of the house." Dad explained.

"Sure sir, but how will we go home?" Jack asked.

"Don't worry dear, we'll be back in 2 to 3 days." Mom said.

"Oh, okay. Cuidate, just give me a call mom." I said while smiling.

"Don't do anything stupid okay?" Mom asked.

"Yes mom." I said while nodding.


Jack's POV

*Ring* *Ring* Psh, I think Colton is calling Mage again..

"Hello Katy?" "What?" "I'm not home. We're on a vacation." "Really? What time?" "Okay okay." "Thanks for the heads up." That's what all I overheard Mage said.

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked.

"We need to go home tomorrow." She said in a sad tone.

"Okay.." I said a little disappointed.

"It's because I have a meeting with an important client tomorrow." Mage explained and I smiled.

"It's fine. Never mind me. Come on, let's tell your mom and dad then let's have a day to remember." I said while smiling at her.

We stood up from the sand and then we headed to her mom and dad who are sitting beside a tree.

"Hey mom and dad." Mage started.

"Yeah hun?" Aunt Mikey asked.

"We also need to go home tomorrow." Mage said.

"What? Why?" Her mom asked while looking from me to her.

"I have an important meeting tomorrow with a client." Mage explained.

"Is that really important dear?" Her mom asked.

Mage explained everything. After explaining everything to her parents, she led me to the woods.

"I have something to show you." She said while smiling.

"No, I am not ready to see that." I said while chuckling.

"No not that you pervert." She said and I chuckled.

She continue to walk and I followed her. Where is she going?

"Here. This is my hiding place." Mage said.

"Your hiding place?" I asked. Something came flashing back in my mind but it's blurry.

"Yeah. My hiding place." She said while sitting beside a tree.

"This is where I met a friend. A true friend." Mage added.

"Where is your friend?" I asked.

"I don't know. We always go here and met up. Then one day, he didn't show up. Then other day, then other day." Mage added.

"Oh, he's a boy." I said.

"Yeah. I miss him so much, he is one year older than me. I don't know how did he look like right now." Mage said in a sad tone.

"What is his name?" I asked.

"I forgot his name already but its starts with letter F." She said.

"Don't worry, I am here." I said while chuckling.

We spent our day talking, laughing and teasing each other. When the sun is slowly setting we headed to our room to change for dinner. I think I am familiar of this place, I just can't remember..


Mage's POV

We are already done eating dinner. Ugh, work tomorrow.. I'm gonna miss this place again.

"Hey Jack." I said while smiling.

"Yes?" He asked while smiling.

"Let's play the getting to know game." I said and he crunched his brows up.

"But we already know each other?" Jack asked unsurely.

"Yeah we know each other but I mean, our background.." I said.

"No." Jack said deadpanned.

"What? Why?" I asked confused.

"I'm feel sleepy, let's sleep. We need to wake up early tomorrow." Jack said in a fast tone.

I think he's avoiding some topic and I need to figure that out.

"No you're not sleepy." I said.

"Uh. Just one question okay?" Jack said assuring me.

"Yeah sure sure, you start first. Oh btw, only rule, answer honestly." I said and he nodded.

"Is Colton courting you?" Jack muttered and I laughed.

"No. Hahaha." I said while chuckling.

"Oh." He said while chuckling.

"Okay, now my turn." I said and then Jack poker faced.

"Yeah yeah go on." Jack said while rubbing his temple.

"Where are your parents?" I asked.

Jack froze in his seat, I think I hit the one he was avoiding. It's just that I got curious and all, he doesn't say anything about his parents.

"Jack?" I asked a little nervous.

"Ye-yeah? Wha-what?" He asked.

"Where are your parents?" I asked but he didn't answer.

"Just open up to me." I said.

"I-i don't kn-know. I don't know where they are." He said.

"You're stuttering Jack.." I said.

He was about to stand up when I stopped him by holding his hand.

"Tell me Jack." I said and he sat back down while lowering his head.

"Okay.." He trailed.