Chapter 5- Wating For You

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#Kai pov #

If you ask me at the moment what I didn't like to do then my answer would definitely be... Wait. I don't like to wait for anyone and trust me I do love to make others wait. But waiting for someone is really not my thing. You can say I am kind of impatient person but I am also a business man so I know that sometimes I should wait. Ok now I really think I am going more than enough for this waiting thing. So I think you could understand my frustration right? Well then I am waiting for someone right now so my mind flew in its thoughts and I remember yesterday.

Yesterday I told Mark about the shit going on in my life and he just happened to ask me if I have picture of Shean or have I seen him and that was when I realized I didn't even have an image of him in my mind, so I did the first thing that came to my mind. I called my dad and ask him for shean's photo and he send it to me. Mark was with me and we saw the photo together but when I saw him I was starstruck. Speechless. Do I need to say more? He has those long light brown color hairs suiting his pale complexion with those cherry pink lips. But what caught me most were those deep blue color eyes I have ever seen. To say he was beautiful was an underestimate. He looked so damm Hot and sexy that for a moment I forgot that I am straight. (To satisfy your imagination scroll down to see shean's photo^_^)

"he is so.... BEAUTIFUL I mean Handsome!" exclaimed mark bringing me back on earth. I was just silent. It's not that I can oppose him.

"Oh my God! Your are marrying this hotty!! You are lucky man to have such beauty but if you change your mind I think I might want to apply. " mark said in amazement while smirking. At his words I felt the strong urge to hit him hard and scream at him telling him that he is mine. Wait what? Mine? I didn't think that. No. It was not my mind.

" I guess I am marring him. " I said to mark glancing at picture. At least I am not marring a ugly pig. But sure he is not going to have it easy. I am doing this for his father not for him. And if I am not even supposed to tell him truth then he will at least have to face me. What? Otherwise wouldn't it will be a win-win situation for him? Where is fun in that?

"OK then let's go. " mark said all of sudden. I just raised my eyebrow in confusion. He replied in duh tone," to stalk your soon to be husband. "what?

Now from two hours me and Mark were sitting inside my car outside the hospital waiting. And now look at me, I look like a fucking stalker. I have never in my life myself stalk anyone let alone be it a girl and now I am stalking a boy!! I would have liked more to invest my time in my work than wasting it like this but when Mark literally drag me here I just have to surrender and maybe I want to check if photo was not edited one.

We saw Shean coming out of hospital and we started to follow him. It was dark so he was not so visible. God why is he so late outside? It's not like I care. Just stop judging, I don't need to answer every why. But then he keep looking around. I think he is feeling that we are stalking him but we are so  far from him. I don't think it's so obvious.

Even though it's night time and he is not so visible but still the air around him feel different. Everything around him feels like going slow. I don't know if it's normal or not but I can feel my heart beats now. Maybe because it's so hot inside. Isn't my ac working properly? I think I should send my car to check.

I was snapped from my daze when Shean suddenly starts running and then I snapped my head around and saw a man running behind him. What a fucking burglar? I will chop his head into pieces. Why the hell am I getting so angry? Before I could do anything Shean ran into someone. The man circle his arms around him. The fuck he dares? Burglar went away. I saw Shean open his eyes and then he hugs the man. What? And then they went away. What the hell just happened here? And who the hell was that man? Is it his boyfriend? Boyfriend? What the heck is wrong with me? What I am thinking and why the hell am I getting so worked up for? Know what, I don't care. I will make him regret begin with someone else. Fuck. It's not as if we are in relationship or anything. But no worries I will make him regret to ruin my mood. Of course I can do that. Before I was going to be little easy on him and was calmly going to talk to him. Well maybe not calmly. but I guess I have a change of plans now.

Now in my office I  was sitting on my chair, waiting for one person to come. And as I was just thinking this I heard a knock on my door. " Come in." I shouted. As the door was opening I heard shouts, " let me go you bastards! Don't touch me. Keep your dirty hands away. Let go."
What a sweet voice?? The door opens wide and revived the face I was long waiting for.

Ones my eyes met with him every fucking piece of the world around me stopped. We were just looking into each other eyes. Everything else faded. Not a person. Not a sound. Not a light. Just his face. For god sake, it must be crime to be so..... Beautiful. He is more beautiful in person. His hairs are longer now. But still beautiful. No camera can capture his beauty. I was just drowning in the deep blue sea helplessly. No scream for help came from my vocal box.

A sudden noise from outside of my office pulled us out of the staring competition. I cleared my throat to cover the awkwardness and compose my sitting position. He realized and said struggling in my men's hand " hey let go" why the fuck are they touching him? I think I need to be more reasonable. I came back to my cold self, I bring the cold look back into my voice and said in low dangerous voice leaning forward while looking at the men's , " Have you heard him? Now let go and get out of my office" I ordered. They immediately let go of his hand and left. He just stare at me in confusion and little fear. Well I like the effect I have on him and sure he had a some effect on me too, maybe more than some, but I am not going to show it that easily to him. Remember I am a business man. I gesture with my hand for him and said, " sit down Shean" he looked surprised that I know his name but didn't say anything just look at me in confusion. When he understood that nothing is going to come out this way he sighed and sit down. He looked surprisingly clam in situation like this where he was kidnapped. Well whatever.

" I have been waiting for you, we have some important matter to discuss. "

Shean's photo send by Kai father,

Shean's photo send by Kai father,

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Shean's photo in Kai's office,

Shean's photo in Kai's office,

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