The Confession

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Baldi walked through the halls thinking about his true love... Kenneth.

Kenneth is the principle of the school that baldi teaches at, honestly since they're the only people that work with kids there why not be in a relationship!

Baldi: oh my god what am I doing! I'm just roaming around halls doing nothing with my life. God I can't stop thinking about Kenneth! He's just so..... Se......

Principle: baldi aren't you meant to be teaching right now?

Baldi:!!!!! Kenneth hi! I didn't expect to see you so early! The kids have gym classes with a tutor today so I get to chill out.

Principle: that's great! You deserve a break since you work so hard!

Baldi: hehe thanks Ken.

Principle: no problem

Kenneth walks away to the office as baldi stands in the same spot for a few seconds.

Baldi: I can't take this anymore, I have to tell him how I feel! But when will I do it? I'll do it at lunch!

A few hours later~

The bells rings at 2:00pm for lunch, the kids get back from there long gym session to eat, and baldi heads to the office.

Baldi: ok, I can do this....

Baldi knocks on the office door~.

Principle: come in

Baldi: hey Kenneth!

Principle: hey baldi! What do ya need?

Baldi took a deep breath and spoke to kenneth~

Baldi: look Kenneth, I've been needing to tell u u something for a long time now.....

Principle: oh alright then....

Baldi: k... Kenneth I..... Well....

Principle: baldi... What's wrong?

Baldi begins to shake~


Principle: baldi please....


Baldi falls to his knees in shock~

Baldi: what did I just do......

Kenneth walks towards baldi and takes his hand~

Baldi looks up at Kenneth and stands up~

Baldi: k..... Kenneth I'm so sorry...... I....

Kenneth interrupts baldi's speech with a kiss.

Baldi: !

Kenneth stops kissing baldi and hugs him tight with tears in his eyes~

The principle: I love you too......

Baldi smiles and blushes as he hugs Kenneth tight~

The principle: so, how long did you want me for ;)

Baldi: hehe I long time

Kenneth places his hand on baldi's cheek and kisses him~

The kiss turned into a tongue kiss~

As things go further the school bell rings~

Baldi: fuck! I have to go!

The principle: ok.... I love you baldi

Baldi: I love you tooooooooo!!!!!

Baldi jumps into Kenneth's arms and hugs him and walks to his classroom~

                    To be continued

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