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Dreamt of you for the first time in a while, not seeing you made me realize how much I miss your smile.

Even though you caused me pain I can’t let you go, even though I hurt a little I won’t let it show.

Wondering how you're doing, if you're doing ok. I wish I would have spoken up, maybe you would have stayed.

Lately dreams of you have been stuck in my head, dreams so real I jump out of my bed.

I try so hard not to break down & cry, when people ask me if I miss you I always lie.

You’re stuck in my head all of the time, but you never think of me so why should I try?

You’re probably with her, getting what you want. All those lies you said, all here to haunt.

I miss you a lot, yeah I do.  But I’m also glad I made it through.

If I would have given you what you wanted, you’d probably still be here.

Or you would have left sooner, which is what I feared.

{A:N SO sorry i deleted my previous story! But i'll be writing poems until I finish the story. Hope you like this (: }

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