In the next Morning..................

Reiko's POV

"What a wonnderful day?"-Me

"I'm glad that you're happy again n_n"-Airi

"I think you're right n_n"-Me

"So,Let's eat some breakfast"-Airi



Asuna's POV (Maid)

"So...She is the Angel of Catastrophe"-Asuna

"Yes.The Angel of Catastrophy...They can help us to destroy the universe"-Master


"Yes,They.There are two Angel of Catastrophy.We just need to find the last one"-Master

"But they need to go out on Reiko's dream.First"-Asuna

"Yes,That's right"-Master


Okumura and Yukiteru's POV

"Okumura,Yukiteru.I need you to destroy the  Angel of Catastrophy.Because it will bring a destruction in a whole universe"-A strange voice

"Huh?"-The two said

"Did you hear that?"-Yukiteru


"Even it's just a dream we need to find the angel or whatever it is"-Yukiteru

"And the good thing we are inside a dream too."-Okumura

"Would you two shut your mouth"-Ryouko

"Sorry Master"-The two said

"Huh,We need to go in Airi's house"-Ryouko


"So,This girl is an  Angel of Catastrophe too."-Asuna


"Is something wrong?"-Okumura 

"Nothing.Let's go now"-Ryouko

*Fast Forward*

Reiko's POV

*Knock Knock*


"Oh,What are you three doing here?"-Me

"We need to go out of this dream now!"-Ryouko

"Why is something bad happened?"-Me

"No,But we need to find the person that use a spell on you"-Yukiteru

"I think I know who did it to me"-Me


"She is wearing a maid suit and she has brown hair too."-Me

"Then we need to find that maid"-Ryouko

"Huh,What are you all saying?"-Airi

"Airi....The true is this is not really our hometown."-Me

"Then where do you all live?"-Airi

"We come from another world"-Me

*What is this feeling,It's really bothering me*-Ryouko

"What world?"-Airi

"The opposite of your world"-Me

"Ha ha ha,I'm coming"-Asuna

"Huh?"-Me,Ryouko,Yukiteru and Okumura

"Hey,What's the problem?"-Airi

"Nothing.We need to go"-Me

Then they run

"Wait our talk is not finish....Whatever. I wonder what should I eat"-Airi

Asuna's POV

"Where is she?"-Ryouko

"Ha Ha."-Me

"Just follow her voice"-Reiko"



"She has a nice underwear"-Yukiteru

Then Ryouko hit Yukiteru a Paper pan and said

"You're such a pervert"- Ryouko

"You all are so pathetic and slow"-Me

"What did you say?I'm really pissed up"-Okumura

"Sorry about that but it's true"-Me

"Oh Really,Ryouko"-Reiko


*Let's see who slow*-Reiko


"Ok.boys We girls need to run"-Reiko

"Ok"-The boys

*All of you can't catch me*-Me

"Look,Behind you"-Ryouko

"Huh,How did you get....."-Me

Then Ryouko kick her then Reiko punch her

"Good job,Ryouko"-Reiko                                                                                                                                                     *This is my chance to finish her and make her to destroy the spell*

"How did she do that?"-Me

"The true is Ryouko has to the power that is super speed it is faster than teleport"-Reiko

"So,The Angels are the one who going to finish me"-Me

"What are you saying?"-Ryouko

"Hey Guys,We're finally here"-Okumura

"We're so exhausted"-Yukiteru

"So,Goddess,Queen,Emperor and Master all of you are ganna die here"-Me

"What,Huh what's happening?"-Reiko

"This place are collapsing"-Ryouko

*How did they...........They will never going out of this dream and why is this happening?*-Me

After that they get out of the dream..............


"What the...........!"-Ryouko



(At school)

Ryouko's POV

"Good Morning"-Me

"Morning,Atlast we're in our true world"-Reiko

"But it's ok for you to go back because your sister is there"-Yukiteru


"Because we're her friend and family in this world"-Me



"What happened,You're plan is a failure"-Master


"So,I'm trusting it to you"-Master

"Yes.My Lord"-The man said

End of Chapter 12

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