Chapter 10

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"What are the odds... that you'll do 7 minutes of heaven with Matt in the closet." I blush and glance over at Hayes giving Cameron a dirty look. Matt smirks and everyone starts cheering for him.


"Nat, if you guess the same number then you'll have to do it." Cameron responds.

"One... two... three..." we begin.

"EIGHT." we say in sync. Everyone in the room shares a shocked look.

"I.. I don't wanna do it."

"Fine. LINDSAY YOU GO." Immediately after cam says that, Shawn cringes a bit. Lindsay rises and so does Matt. They walk into the closet and close the door.

"Okaaay... Well it's my turn.." I say.

"Cameron, What are the odds that you'll lick Nash's toe?"

"One... Two... Three..."

"TWO!" Cam shouts and at the same time I shout, FIVE!"

"Dang it!" I say.

"Now it's Nash's turn." Brent says.

"Hm. Shawn, I dare you to prank call Bart."

"One... Two... Three."

"TEN!" They both scream.

"Ughhh. Fine." Shawn pouts and grabs the phone.

"Hey Bart. Umm you aren't gonna like this but I'm sorry. I'm quitting Magcon." Shawn presses speaker.


"CHILL! It was a prank call." Shawn cuts in. Everyone starts laughing and Bart hangs up. Lindsay and Matt come out of the closet. They sit down and we all continue the game. It ends up getting late so we decide to go.

"Bye everyone!" Linds and I say. Hayes rushes over and hugs me. "Bye Natalie, Goodnight." He whispers into my ear. Right as we are about to leave, Shawn runs over and hugs Lindsay. Lindsay blushes and we walk out the door.

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