Chapter 4.

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( still rd's pov)
When i got home i saw mom watching a movie. "Hey mom. Where's Dad?" I asked. " He's upstairs. He was tired so i let him have rest. " "Ok." There was silence for a little while before mom broke it. "  We haven't talked for a while . I'm sorry i was busy. How's school? Any crushes?" She asked. Oh no. I haven't told her about Aj. Nah. She's gonna find out eventually. " Actually mom.. yes." I said . You got it right I decided to tell mom about my crush on Aj. " Ohhh ! Who's the lucky boy?" " It's a ... she..." i said . " Hmm. Let me guess...  is it ... umm..... APPLEJACK?" " You knew !?!?!?! B-but how? Your ok with me loving her? " " Calm down honey! Me and your father saw the way you looked at her when you had a sleepover last week . Also of course i'm ok with you loving her. I'm the president of our secret AppleDash club! Guess it's not so secret now." She said. " How many more people are shipping us?" I muttered. "W-what does dad say about this?" I asked. " Best. Ship. Ever." Dad said coming down. " Thanks guys." I said smiling. " Awww group hug!" Mom said . Both of my parents hugged me so tight i couldn't breathe! I watched the movie with them and decided to go to bed afterwards.
I was in a tower in front of a door. I slowly opened the door revealing a bedroom. On the bed was a beautiful blonde girl sleeping. I slowly leaned in and kissed her. After a moment i felt her kiss back. She opened her emerald eyes. I hugged her and started spinning her around. We were laughing. "Thank ya ." She said . I kissed her forehead. " I missed you so much. Don't you dare leave me again!"  She giggled and kissed me . " i promise i won't."
~End of Dream~
I opened my eyes and looked at the time. 05:00 am. I have an idea! I have to talk to Twi! I stormed out of bed left a note to my parents saying i'll be back at 01:00 pm and left. I drove to Twilights.  I had some fairytale books in my bag.
Ok. This chapter wasn't as fun as i planned it to be. I'll try harder in the next chapter. Sorry if it's weird this was written at nights , like 01:00 am so...  I kinda rushed it. You don't need to tell me . I know i messed up. Thank you to the ones who still read this. Also thanks to one particular person for leaving amazing comments and motivating me! You know who you are! Have a wonderful day! Bye!

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