50* Epilogue

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"He's awake guys!" Taehyung shook all the sleepy boys with all his mite and eventually they all squint opened their eyes to adjust to the light.

"What's wrong, tae tae?" Jungkook said in a sleepy voice. It would be a lie to say his cracked voice didn't turn taehyung on but he shook it off and attempted to wake them up again.


In a split second, every single one of them opened their eyes and paced it into namjoon's hospital room.

The patient stared at everyone, his face looked frightened then ever,"Who are you guys?" He asked, all 5 of the boys gasped and on the verge of tears.

"H-hyung?" Jimin's voice cracked, trying not to let the tears stream out of his face. Namjoon gave a dirty look at jimin,

"What is going on?" Just about as jimin was about to say something else, a doctor came in with reports in his hand and with an upsetting look on his face,

"I'm doctor Rana, if one or two of you would like to come with me and we'll discuss about the patient."

Hoseok and jungkook immediately stepped towards the doctor and the doctor nodded, giving a hand signal to follow him.

"It appears namjoon was an alcoholic and when he was outside, a car hit him very hard so he unfortunately lost his memory."

Hoseok couldn't hold it anymore, his tears streaming down his face and he was sobbing quietly. Jungkook rubbing his back, reassuring his hyung it was going to be fine.

The doctor read the reports once again, a small smile appearing on his face. "It seems like he was missing someone quite a lot. Only that person can get his memory back if he tries. If you can't get that person, he's not going to get better."

Both the boys were speechless. There was only one person which namjoon used to talk about a lot while he was drunk. Jin.

"My brother..." Jungkook mumbled, Jin's become a stuck up freak now, he has no heart for his boyfriend like he used to, he was always a sweet boy. Money changes people a lot.

"Tell jin. We know you talk to him just tell him!" Hoseok wailed. They didn't want to create a scene in front of the doctor so they thanked him then left.

"So we have to get jin?" Yoongi questioned, jungkook nodded and sighed then sat back on his chair.

"Who's jin?"

"I'll tell him once. If he comes then he loves him. If he doesn't come. Then we've lost our old namjoon." Jungkook said, clearly ignoring the frustrated namjoon who was trying to recall the name 'jin' it really did seem familiar to him. But he just couldn't  remember anything.

Namjoon sighed. He wanted to know who these guys are. He wanted to know who this 'jin' was.

"Call jin."

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