Chapter 031: The Broken Mirror

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        Brynn watched as Mike and Eleven attached in a tight embrace, rocking a little as they did so. She wanted something like that. She needed something like that. The only thing stopping it was that the person closest to her was getting taken over by a being from a different dimention.           
         She turned and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She looked into the mirror, and gazed at her pale complection mixed with her blonde hair. Suddenly, her reflection started to change. Her hair grew shorter, and darker. Her face started distorting and changing shape. The bathroom wall got dark, vines slithered up like snakes. White bits appeared in the air, floating as though there was no gravity. The picture finally stopped moving, and inside the mirror was Will, trapped in the upside down.



        Brynn reached for him, expecting her hand to touch the reflective glass, but instead the mirror stretched, almost as if it were made of rubber. She pushed, grunting with the effort, and broke through. She felt his hand grip hers, and she pulled. Pulled. Pulled like her life depended on it. Suddenly, his hand was ripped from hers.



        She looked up, and all she saw in the mirror was her reflection. The bottom right corner of the mirror, where she had previously stuck her hand through, was shattered, her hand covered in cuts and blood.

"No..." She muttered, placing her hands back on the mirror.

"No! Will! Will!" She banged on the mirror repeatedly, shattering it more. She was screaming, crying, shattering glass was flying into her hands, until the door flew open. She turned and saw Hopper and Joyce. Joyce ran to her side, catching Brynn as she collapsed into a ball of emotions. The woman sat on the floor, cradling the sobbing girl in her arms.

"I-I saw him! He was in the m-mirror! I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him out b-but it took him away from me!"

"Who was in the mirror?" Hopper asked.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter! The scene was just so action-packed I felt like it needed its own. Working on more!

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