Sliding into a pair of strapped sandals that paired nicely with my outfit, I walked out to the living room to find Andie standing in the center of the place, about a foot from where I slept on the floor not too many minutes ago. "It's a beautiful place, a little drab though, hopefully it won't stay that way for long..." She commented, spinning around in a slow circle before stopping facing me directly.

I smiled at her comment, "That's the plan, I want to make it feel like my own...right now it kind of feels too generic," I laughed faintly.

Andie agreed, "Takes time, but I'm sure it'll look amazing!" She commented. "We should get going," She softly encouraged, nodding towards the door before leading the way.

I smiled and without another word, the two of us made our way out of my apartment and out to her small white Volkswagen Jetta that sat parked illegally in front of the apartment complex after she insisted on driving versus grabbing a cab. Slipping into the passenger seat, I watched Andie as she climbed into her seat and buckled her seatbelt. Taking it as a hint to buckle my own, I quickly pulled the strap over my shoulder and kept my eyes forward as Andie maneuvered her car through the streets, casual conversation filling the car as her driving forced me to cringe at times as she squeezed in spaces so small I was sure she'd hit another car. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least when she somehow successfully pulled her car to park in a parking lot in front of a jam packed bar.

Biting my bottom lip, I turned to Andie as she unbuckled her seatbelt, "This is a bar," I pointed out quietly, "I'm underage, and I don't have a fake..." I admitted softly, feeling bad that she must have thought that I had one, like most kids my age.

Andie laughed softly, "You are lucky you're here with me then, come on," She encouraged, climbing out of her car and slamming the door shut.

Unbuckling my seat, I fumbled to climb out of of seat, shutting the door considerable softer than Andie had moments before, "Wait, what?" I asked puzzled as to what she was telling me as she began walking towards the bar, waving for me to follow behind her as she walked past the line that was waiting to get in. Stumbling slightly over my own feet as I followed behind her, I quickly caught her pace as she came to a stop at the front of the line, stopping slightly behind her, taking note to the annoyed looks in all of the eyes of the people waiting in line as the bouncer smiled at Andie and pulled back the red rope, ushering her in without a single word.

Raising an eyebrow as we moved closer to the blaring music, I looked at Andie with a curious gaze, "How did you manage that? Who was that guy?" I pressed, wanting to know how two underage girls just walked into a bar without so much as a glance at our ID's.

Andie shrugged it off, "Oh who, Kyle?" She exclaimed as if I asked her something as simple as what color shirt she was currently wearing, "I let him touch my boobs once while I gave him a lap dance," She admitted, "Now I'm permanently placed on the V.I.P list," She laughed, her body shaking with her amusement, obviously reliving the moment, thinking back in time as she swiftly maneuvered us through the crowd of people that got thicker the closer we got to the music source, guiding us directly to the bar in the center of the room. "I'm kidding about the lap dance part, but I did let him touch my boobs once," She admitted after a moment as she leaned into the counter, calling over a bartender and ordering the two of us four shots of fireball whiskey. "But really, Kyle went to school with Lucas. He's basically been in love with me for as long as I can remember...I may or may not take advantage of that," She laughed. "So when's the last time you had a real good shot?" Andie asked curiously, her eyebrow raised as she watched me carefully, pleased as the bartender placed four shot glasses in front of us, filling them to the brim with the fireball.

I couldn't think back to the last time, my mind currently sidetracked thinking about the alcohol now placed in front of me. It is possible that I should have taken into consideration the fact that my emotions have been pretty controlling over the last few days, and I should have thought about the fact that Andie drove us here and we both were on the verge of downing alcoholic beverages, but I didn't. Temporary or not, I needed some soft of memory eraser. "Hell I have no idea, but I can tell you that I need it more than you could ever imagine," I admitted, earning a big smile across Andie's lips as she reached out and pushed a glass to me before claiming one of her own.

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