Chapter Three

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Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Walking barefoot through my apartment my fingers trailing softly along the bare walls, I quietly took in every detail, memorizing the location of every nook-and-cranny, wasting time waiting for an appropriate time to start getting ready for tonight. It was coming on four o'clock slowly but surely, and through estimating the amount of time I would need to get ready, cutting out showering time considering I'd taken one in the early morning hours, I predicted that I would need just over an hour to successfully get ready, leaving an hour more to waste.

Groaning at the sight of the slow moving hand on the clock, I thought of possible ways to kill time, but in the end ended up laying flat on my back the middle of the place, my eyes closed tightly together, my mind frozen in time, empty of thoughts that usually bounced around freely.

Accidentally slipping into a soft sleep, I woke just after five fifteen, pleased I've made it to five o'clock but now feeling slightly rushed to get ready. Sitting up rather quickly, I felt the blood rush from my head and lost vision for a few seconds before it returned to me, strong like always.

Rubbing away the sleep that was lingering in my eyes, I slowly forced myself to climb to my feet, swaying for a moment, before carefully making my way through the place, eventually ending up in my bedroom closet.

Letting my eyes run over clothes that I brought with me on this crazy move, the same I've had in my closet for so long, yet for some insane reason they all looked foreign to me. Unable to pick out something that I found appealing, I settled on a pair of dark washed jeans and a simple plain black blouse with a split in the back and exposed my entire back excluding a three inch space at the top that was just in the perfect place to hide my bra. Tossing on a three strand pearl necklace, I hurried into the bathroom to apply my make-up.

Beginning with my cover-up, I smeared it over my entire face and blended it down under my jaw-bone, pausing as my eyes lingered over the bright purple bruises at the base of my neck, peaking out of the shirt I chose to wear tonight. Dabbing cover-up over the exposed bruise, I blended the make-up as best as I could, and settle when the purple wasn't standing out as much as before, before moving on to the rest of my make-up.

Running a hair brush through my newly chopped hair as the finishing touch, I decided then to get it professionally cut before I started looking for a job, knowing it was most likely butchered from the hack job I did to it in my emotion controlled haste the other night. Tenderly touching the tips of my hair, I jumped considerably when the doorbell to my apartment rang loudly throughout the place making me drop my hair-brush to the bathroom counter.

Glancing at the time as I walked towards the door, I was surprised to see it was already five till. Reaching the door, I twisted the lock and pulled the door open, surprised to see Andie standing there, dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and pink crop top, her blonde hair in big curls, and her make-up done to perfection with pink lipstick finishing it off. She looked like freaking Barbie doll next to me all plain jane.

Smiling, Andie looked me over and nodded, "You didn't answer your phone so I asked Tina which room she gave you, I hope you don't mind," She commented softly, standing there, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, and breathing out a sigh of relief when I smiled and nodded to her question. "I like the outfit choice by the way, perfect for where we're going, just edgy enough" She smiled.

"You think so?" I asked softly, running my hand down my top brushing away the nonexistent wrinkles.

Andie smiled at my question, "Absolutely!" She squealed, "Now are you ready?" She wondered.

Returning her smile, I nodded, " I am," I confirmed, "Let me just go grab my wallet really quick, give me only a moment," I promised, turning on my heels and quickly wandering back into my bedroom, grabbing my clutch out of my purse that contained my ID, and debit card, the most important things that I would end up needing, and picked up my phone, despite it being off, I still felt safer with it on me.

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