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kentrell/yb POV

one week later

i was now at jania house talking to her about the baby "i can pay you if you just abort the baby you know that im with jazmine" i said "okay you can do that and we gotta be together i want you to break up with jazmine" she said walking around "hell naw mane i aint breaking up with her me and you having sex was a mistake!" i yelled standing up "well looks like we having a baby what you want cause i want a girl" she said finna walk up the stairs "okay fine im gone break up wit her and we can be together" i said "okay" she said smiling skipping up to me "but we gotta go to the doctors office first" i said looking at her "then ima drop you off so i can go home to see my gang" i continued going to the car " i wanna come" she said i looked at her and thought about it like the stuff she would do and say "ok" i shrugged. 


" how you feel" i asked her "lighter" she said holding her hand out i gave her 1k and got in the car.

We pulled up to my house and the gang was already there, from they cars being parked outside we walked in the house and they was playin around and noticed that emoni was here.

"fuck" i silently cursed at myself knowing that she gone tell jazmine. 

They all stopped after they heard the door close. the looked at me and all they mouths dropped when they seen jania with me.

"WHAT THE FUCK....... WHAT IN THE FLYING PIGS FUCK IS GOING ON HERE, I KNOW DAMN WELL YOU NOT CHEATING ON MY BESTFRIEND!" kd and emoni said at the same time, they looked at each other and laughed then looked back at me.

"well.. this my girlfriend jania" i said looking down "i know who the fuck it is i just wanna know why in the fuck are you cheating on jazmine" emoni said looking at me "mind yours" i said sitting down and jania sat on my lap "while she was in a coma tho" ben said looking at me shaking his head.


we was still sitting here playing around and stuff except for kd and emoni they was just sitting there mugging me those was like one of the scariest mugs i have ever seen like if looks can kill me and jania would have been dead already.

"foreal yb while she was in a coma?" ben asked i couldnt respond all i did was look down

"YOU KNOW WHAT" emoni yelled and tried to get up but baby joe hurried up and got her before she can come over here.

its like jazmine,kd and emoni the 3 musketeers like they the best of friend i honestly think that though that the three of them best friends.

"WHAT THE FUCK" jazmine yelled "you know what" jazmine dragged out her last word.

'wassup best friend" emoni said smirking 

wassup yall im sorry this took so long but can yall please tell me how yall feel about this story thank yall for reading tho


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