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Peter never thought he was an awkward person, not really. He always presumed he could fit into any social situation with ease. Then he sat in front of the CEO of Stark Industries, and the Iron Patriot, and realized that that, was in fact, a lie. As he sat down with Tony, he felt their eyes bore into him as they questioned Tony.

"What did you do this time?" 

Tony laughed, pulling his seat down and plopping into it unceremoniously, and Peter followed suit, sitting down gently, eyes locked on his lap.

"You'll have to be more specific, Rhodey. Do you mean the reservation, or maybe the lack of paparazzi?" He snapped his fingers. "Or, I know, you mean Peter!"

Peter's head shot up, eyes looking over to Tony, who only just shot him a wink, before looking back to the other's. Peter was shocked at Tony's calmness, before remembering that this was the Tony the public eye saw, the suave and cool Tony Stark, not the funny and slightly sad Tony he knew; the one who let down his guard around him.  Pepper let out a sigh, tucking her hair behind her ears and smiling at Peter, before giving Tony a sour look. Peter was amazed at the quick and smooth expression change. 

"Yes, Tony. Rhodey means the kid."

"Well, for starters, his name is Peter."

Pepper gave him a bland look, but stuck her hand out to Peter. 

"Nice to meet you, Peter, I'm Ms. Potts." They shook hands, Peter's hands actually shaking. 

"I'm Peter. Par-Parker. Peter Parker."  Scratch that, not only did his hands shake, his voice did too, bad enough to the point of stuttering. 

"Hey, hey. I've heard your voice before," Rhodey started, and Peter panicked. He's worked with the Iron Patriot before, and he's been chatty with him too. It was easier when he was hiding behind a mask, and they were both bloodied and bruised- not thinking too much of either of themselves. Now he was dressed in a suit that looked too nice to be a dumb kid like him while blushing and stuttering like an idiot. 

"Uh-well-" Peter tried to come up with a response, because he wasn't sure if Tony wanted them to know he was Spiderman, or if it was intended to be kept a secret. Of course, with the accords, he should have to share it with the Avengers, but..

"Oh, he's a teenager, Rhodey. All their voices sound the same." Tony winked at Peter, while Rhodey gave them both an unamused glance.

"Okay-enough!" Peter jumped as Pepper hit her hand against the table, hard enough to scare all three men.  "Why is the kid here, Peter. Is he," She flicked her eyes around "Your kid, from, like... I don't know, a past relationship?"

Tony laughed.

"No, no. Don't worry, Honey, he's nothing of the sort. But the reason we are here is because I've- I've decided to," He let out a breath, clenching his hands on the table.

"I wasn't expecting this to be so hard- I'm adopting the kid, alright!" The table went silent. Pepper let her mouth fall open, giving Tony a long look, before rising from the table and walking out without a word. 

"Wait, Pepper- Shit, I'll be back." Tony rose too, walking briskly after her. Peter was left alone at the table with Rhodey, both of them exchanging uncomfortable glances at eachother. 

"How old are you, kid?" Rhodey asked, taking a long sip from his wine. 

"I'm, uh, 15." He gave a tight smile, wringing his hands together, and looking everywhere except the man in front of him. Rhodey was silent, and Peter finally looked at him, to make sure he didn't say something wrong and made him upset. But he wasn't upset, he looked more or less confused.

"Peter, why is Tony so interested in you? To the point of adopting  you?? You seem like a sweet kid, but..." He let out a long, sad sigh. Peter wanted to know what he was thinking, wanted to look into his mind and understand. 

"I- was his intern, we became close. Then my.. my aunt died, so here we are." He smiled again, this one sadder. "He was already like a dad to me, I guess.. we're making it official."

Rhodey looked like he was going to say something, when Pepper and Tony entered again. It looked as though Pepper had cooled off, and she had a sad look in her eyes when she looked at Peter. 

"Well, tonight has been great. Peter, will you go wait in the car?" 

Peter looked up, confused. They hadn't even had their first meal and they were heading home? But when he though to ask, Tony just gave him a desperate look, and Peter decided against it, rising and bidding them goodnight.


"I know it's  a shock-" 

"A shock, Tony. You're adopting a fifteen year old kid! without even talking to us first!" Rhodey ran a hand down his face giving Tony a desperate look.

"Well, in my defense, I haven't done the paperwork yet, I wanted you guys to meet him first."

"We know nothing about the kid! He just.. Appeared!" 

Tony laughed then shaking his head.

"You, Rhodey, know him plenty. You've fought together enough, and he needs a parent."

"We've fought? Wh-"

Pepper interupted both of them. 

"Spiderman. He's Spiderman. And Rhodey, I know it's a shock, but this kid... He needs someone, bad. He's had four parents die now, he needs someone he can depend on." She glanced at Tony. 

"Maybe.. a whole family. So, we have to adjust, no matter how big the change is. Okay?" 

Rhodey looked between them. 

"I knew I've heard his voice." 

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