Hands To Myself

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She can keep it to herself.



/n pov

"The night is dark but the moon is bright
We're starring at this summer night
Tan skin looks damn good in white
Stripping down by the Hollywood sign


f we want it, we take it
If we need money, we make it
Nobody knows if we fake it
You like to watch if we shake it
I know..." The music was cut off causing me to mumble the last part of it.

"I've had enough of it." She had absolute no sign of enjoying the song as much as I did. "Come on babe. I love this song." I said and she shook her crossing her arms. "It's been on repeat for a week." Kendall said and I chuckled. She glared at me and right then I praised the sofa giving space between us. "She clearly states there she's not there to hook up- please don't it makes me uncomfortable." I held my hands up rushing to her almost jumping over the sofa. "No more listening to her voice." Kendall stated like a mother. "Clear." I smiled and her smile cracked. "I was starting to think nothing was gonna work." She said with a sigh of relief. "Let's not go there." I smiled hugging her. She wrapped her arms around me pushing me onto the sofa and started straddling me. "Now that, that is out of the way... You owe me." Kendall whispered and I smirked, but the clock caught my eye. "I'd love to but we have a party to attend." I said and she looked at me. "I can't fucking believe you." She got off me strutting away with attitude. I sighed looking at roof. "I'll need more than a sofa to save me from that angry woman."

*at the party*

To make things a tinsy tiny fucking worse. Selena is here. Kendall only gave me catwalk glares while we were finishing up for the party which is very dangerous, you just pray to never receive those. "Hey Y/n/n." Selena hugged me. I smiled worriedly at her lightly wrapping my arms around her. "How have you been ?" Selena asked brushing my arm. "Sorry a little lint." She said showing me the lint. "It's fine thanks. I'm good thanks and you ?" I asked and although Kendall is like in the other side of the room I felt her stares and now the whole squad was on it, from all around the room. "Listen I'll talk another time. I have to run. Great performance at the award shows." I said and left before she could reply. "Y/n." Martha greeted me. Dear Lord I'm sorry for my sins but why pay tonight ?! I was young and dumb and a little broke !! "How have you been ?" She asked eyeing me up and down. I looked up to where Kendall was last and she was gone. "Look I'm sorry but I can't talk with you. I have a girlfriend." I said walking away. I walked down a little hall and when I turned back Kendall appeared with a catwalk look.

"Look I didn't want to talk. I did because it's manners." I said and she nodded heading to me. "I didn't want to talk to them." I said and she hummed wrapping her arms around my neck. I frowned looking at her as I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Selena just couldn't keep her hands to herself." Kendall said causing me to chuckle. "Is someone jealous ?" I asked and she pushed us through a door that opened to a dark room. "Obviously. I'm your girlfriend stuck with other girls that want you... I have a reason." Kendall said kissing me.

"Well these hands can't keep themselves from one person only... And that's you." I said running it slowly up and down her back and kissed her.

Short one... Next one will be a proper update. I honestly don't know where I got this idea from.

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