Chapter 27 - friends

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POV Ethan


Something wasn't right.

When I woke up I knew something was wrong, I can feel it.
Mao is in my arms, her face is in my neck. I can feel her hot breath on my skin.
It was slow, slower than yesterday.

"Mao." I called her to wake her up.
She had no reaction.

Mao was a morning person, she wakes up very quickly at any sound.

I started panicking.

"Mao ? Mao wake up !" I said louder, shaking her shoulder.

No reaction.

I got out of the couch, Mao was like a doll, she was breathing but that's it.

I took her head in my hands and lightly shakes it.

"Mao ? Mao baby please wake up !"

A tear of fear run down my cheek.
I took Mao in my arms and run down stairs, taking good care not to fall in the way.
I got out of the warehouse and run to my car. I opened the passenger seat and sat Mao.
I put her seatbelt and closed the door, running to the driver seat.
I started the car and drove the fastest I've ever drove in my life.


On my way to the hospital I asked Siri to call Grayson.
"Hello ?" Gray answered.
"Fuck, Gray Mao didn't woke up this morning I'm driving to the hospital right now." I said right up.
"Is she still breathing ?" He said, I could hear that he was panicking as well.
"Yes but barely."
"Ok hurry up and I'll meet you at the hospital." He told me.
"And Ethan ?" Gray said before I hung up.
"Yeah ?"
"She's gonna be okay, she is strong."
"I know, I know." I said before hanging up.

She is strong, right ?
Nothing bad can happen to her, right ?
Grayson is always right, what am I talking about ?

I look at Mao next to me and put my hand in front of her mouth.

Okay, she is still breathing.
That's a good thing, right ?
That means she is not dead, she can get better.

Right ?

"Mao ?" I tried to call her.
"Mao I'm driving you to the hospital, you're gonna be okay." I said.

"You're gonna be okay..." I murmured, more to myself.


Fuck that red light, the hospital is right there.
I parked right in front of it and got out of the car, I ran to Mao'a side and took her in my arms.
Thanks God the hospitals door open automatically.
"Help !" I screamed once I got in the hospital.
Directly a nurse run towards me.
"What happened to her ?"She asked me, putting Mao on a hand-barrow.
"She has leukemia and this morning she didn't woke up. She is still breathing tho." I said.
"Ok, we're going to take good care of her, sir. But please, for now you have to go sit in the waiting room. I'll personally come tell you the news. Okay ?"
"Okay." I said, looking at Mao one last time before the nurse and the doctors took her away.

I walked to the waiting room slowly. I sat in a chair. No one was here.

I was looking in the void.

It was like I couldn't feel anything. As if I was empty.

My phone ring.

I don't pick up.


"Ethan ?" A voice said. I looked in front of me and saw Gray crouched in front of me, his hands on my knees.
I didn't even felt him put them here.
I didn't said anything.
Gray was so worried I could see it.
Slowly he took me in his arms.
And that's here, my face pressed against his shoulder that I let everything out.
All my emotions.
Gray was rubbing my back, he knew I needed it.
I needed his touch, I needed to know that he was here, he was supporting me.

"The nurse... She said she'll came to give me the news..." I managed to say.
"Okay. Ethan, Okay. She'll come back and she'll tell us that Mao's safe." Gray said.

At the same moment I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I looked who it was and saw Bryant. Next to him was James, and Emma.

Even Emma came.

I thought she was staying in San Francisco one more mouth.

I closed my eyes.

I wasn't alone.

Seeing my best friends here was so important to me. Feeling that hand on my shoulder warmed my heart.
And Gray hugging me as if he was trying to make me comprehend that I wasn't alone, that whatever happens he will be right by my side.


The nurse came back a few minutes later. She was breathless, she must have worked hard.
She looked surprised to see that much people around me.

"I'm guessing you're all her friends?" She asked.

Everybody said yes at the same time, even Emma, even if they never met.
I was so thankful for that, it's like whoever in our group is close to someone, that someone is part of it.

"Okay. So, she is in a stable condition. Her vital prognostic is not engaged anymore."
"Oh thanks god." James let out as if he was holding his breath this whole time.
"Can we see her ?" Grayson asked.
"Yes, but no more than two people at the same time."

The nurse accompanied us to Mao's room. Gray and I were the first one to get in.

There were a lot of tubes and machines that I've never seen in my life.

I took a chair and put in next to her bed. And didn't said a word and took her hand in mine.

Mao looked exhausted.

Two nurses came in the room to see if she was still okay.
They were nice, they told us all about what happened to her. Most of that was technical words that I didn't understood but it was fine.

Mao was okay.

That was the most important.

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