I want you~

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Hoseok: I accidentally moaned and saw Yoongi smirking, i freezed and didnt move. Yoongi said with a rough voice "you freezed? I will warm you up.." i said, well, how? I said shyly. He answered "U will see babe". I almost was about to scream by the way how he called me babe. he smirked and said "come to daddy baby boy..".

I reached my arms to him, and grabbed him by his hips, the way Hoseok was smirking at me even wanted me to want him more. So i accidentally i said, I want you. Now. And  became shy, i kept saying sorry till i saw Hoseok undressing himself. I asked why he was doing that, he said "why are u even asking? I tough u wanted me. Damn get me"
I gasped, and i squized his ass like a squishy, and began rubbing his area. I heard his soft moans and his heavy breathing, he whisperd "Yes daddy, thats the right spot.."

Hoseok: i leaned my head back and closed my eyes, Yoongi took my hand and put my hand into his pants, i opened my eyes wide and saw Yoongi biting his lip. I began giving him a handjob and saw he liked it. "Do it with your mouth..." i did what he said
and gave him a blowjob and heard loud heavy voiced moans and it drived me crazy.

I took his 3rd leg out his pants and gave him a blowjob to, he liked is as well. I did my dick in his ass and heard him gasping of pain, i said, this pain is just for now u will like it after couple minutes, i was right he was having the time of his life, i loved seeing how much he was liking it. 


Hoseok: i woke up with damn much buthurt, i saw yoongi sleeping next to me, then i heard Namjoon "Yoongi, Hoseok wake ya ass up its already afternoon!", Yoongi woke up and i cared him in bridal style to the other members.

Jungkook: I heard everything they did and stared at them, i said softly, Doesnt your ass hurt Hobi?.., i though nobody heard till i saw Jimin walking to me asking why, i told everything and he told the other members.

Yoongi: i was mad at everyone because they kept asking Hoseok if he has buthurt. So i said, Yes he has buthurt. So? Shut up. Everyone was freezed. And i heard Jin stuttering "y-you t-wo ha-d-d s-s-ex?" I just said yes and walked away walking hand in hand with Hoseok.

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