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What's happening??

Jisung was sitting with minho in his room since there was no school today.

"What about we ask the others if they wanna go somewhere it's boring to sit here you know"

Minho said laying down. Because he was right it was boring and there was absolutely nothing to do.

"Alright then let's ask them"


SaltyDiva•̀.̫•́✧:GUYS... Let's hangout or something it's boring ( ・ั﹏・ั)

Memechan(゜-゜): we're at the mall actually me woojin and hyunjin only are here felix and changbin are no where to be found (-.-;)

Memefelix(~O~;):we are walking around (ーー;)

Binbin:yup and sure we can all hang out it's boring.

Eommawoo(^^♪:yea jisung minho u two can join us.

Babyhan(>ω<):alright we will be there in a min(*>_<*)ノ


"Let's go hyung"

Jisung said pulling minho up so they don't get there late.

Minho on the other hand was having butterflies in his stomach he wasn't sure what exactly it was but he got over it.

Time passed fast and they arrived at the mall chan was the first one to notice them so he waved at them.

"Hey guyss it's been soo longggg"

Jisung whined while minho giggled at him untill everyone hugged them both.

"I missed you jisunggiee"-hyungjin

"It's been pretty long minho how have you been"

Chan asked and minho just laughed alittle with alittle "I'm good".

"Ok so let's go"

Woojin said.

So you might be asking who are they?? They are jisung and minho friends which go by "stray kids" starting with the older.

Chan he's from Australia and the second oldest jisung calls him the meme face of the group with felix they are pretty close since felix and chan are from Australia.

Woojin the oldest and he's really sweet and he's dating chan so poor guy but it's true love so who are we kidding with.

Changbin is the fourth oldest after minho he looks like a dark person but pretty soft and he's dating felix

Then we have hyunjin he's soft and nice he's the only straight person in our group but pretty close to jisung and nice not gonna lie here.

Felix the youngest in their group from aussie line of course he's close to chan which changbin gets mad of but felix of course always have to tell him he only like him and chan is just a friend.

So back to our story they all played in the arcade , ate and sang in the karaoke whiche they made jisung to sing of course jisung lost all his energy because of singing.

Right now everyone said their good bye and jisung headed home minho following him.

They sat on jisung bed and talked alittle.

"Jisung who do you actually like?"

Minho asking curiously.

"Why are you asking hyung?"

Jisung said titling his head cutely which made minho heart flutter.

"I just wanna know"

"Seungmin...i like seungmin.."

Jisung said smiling which he could have sworn he saw tears in Minho's eyes he couldn't believe minho would tear was he imagining!!

What's happening with me?? Minho would never cry

What's going on why do i feel like my heart sinking seeing him like this?

What's going on with me?!??!

New chapter yay
Hope u like it

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