Chapter 15- Making Her Mine

How should I say it? Everything was perfect. The date, the kiss, and Heather.

After I brought her home, I went up to my room and sat on the couch.

How will I make her mine?

After hours of thinking, I suddenly ordered the things I needed.

I got my phone and texted her:

Did I get an A+ for today's exam?

She texted after waiting for 2 minutes.

Yeah, you did. I had so much fun Aiden. First date, first kiss, it was the best!

I smiled at myself.


First DATE.

First KISS.

It was the BEST!

F*ck! I had a date with Heather and I...





Holy Fucking Shit!

I kissed her.


I realized I was daydreaming so I quickly texted back.

Well, I'm sure you did have fun. Good night! Sweet dreams Heather!

She replied back,

Good night! Don't let the bed bugs bite;)

Being the dirtyminded I am, I made sure she was the one biting me.

What? I'm a dude, I can't help it!

° ~ °

I woke up in the morning and realized it was Tuesday.


I took a shower and got any shirts I saw in my closet. I drove my blue Mustang and went off.

When I arrived at school, girls came towards me. I saw Heather opening her locker. She didn't notice, but she looked happy. I made my way towards her looking cool.

"Hi Heather." grinning at her.

"Hi," she whispered.

"Well, are you free today lunch time?"

"Yeah, w-,"

"Ok! Great! Meet me at the garden 12:10 sharp!" I ran and left her. Ihad to do the things so that I could have her.

After an hour, everything was complete. All I just need is Heather being all mine.

° ~ °

The bell rang and I was now in the garden waiting for Heather.

After 5 minutes, she still wasn't here. I was about to go look for Heather when she came.

Wow. She looked absolutely stunning. That perfect curves, long legs, long wavy brown hair, those luscious pink lips, her smile, and her laugh. Everything about her is perfect for me.

"What's all this Aiden?" She was smirking. Ahh, now I know where this is coming from.

"The decorations? These things on the floor?"

"No everything," she was still smirking.

"Well, those props are important," taking both her hands.

"Continue Mr. Aiden," she giggled.

Ok, here's the weird part. My plams were sweating. I removed my hands from hers and rubbed it down on my jeans. I saw Heather's reaction confused and shocked. I went behind her.

"Don't look back and close your eyes."
She nodded her head as I got a rose. I stood infront of her, removed the petals from the rose, and shaped it like a heart looking like we were inside the heart.

I got another rose and stood infront of her.

"Open your eyes."

Those beautiful blue eyes opened. I smiled as I gave her the rose and she smiled at me in return.

Here goes nothing.

"Will you be mine Ms. Heather?"


*squeal* I can't believe it! His asking her to be his girlfriend!!!

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