Chapter 3: Forgive Me?

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                                                                             { Alejandra P.O.V }

I didn't know, what I did to make Christian mad at me or mad at himself. I look at the box that Christian brought me. I start to open the box and I see a white crop-top with black leggings, it also included black boots, a black choker, and a white headband.

Alejandra: Wow these clothes are beautiful

I put them on to see if they fit perfectly, but they fit amazing. I start to go downstairs and I see Christian, sitting down on a old sofa. But, he was wearing a blue sweater and he was covering his cat ears with his blue hood (why?).

Alejandra: Um.... C-Christian I just wanted to say thank you and-

He looked at me and just walked away. Wait.... did he completely ignored me? Oh, I see, he thinks he's tough. I stand up and I follow him

Alejandra: What the heck? You just completely ignored me

Christian: And?- Your not very important

Alejandra: You were the one that kissed me 35 mins ago !!!

Christian: Kissing you was a mistake

Alejandra: m-m- MISTAKE !!!

Christian: Yeah- b/c you have a thing for David and not me b/c I'm not normal

Alejandra: What !!-Look I'm just friends with David and you are an amazing person no matter you are a hybrid

Christian: But-

Alejandra: Also, if you say kissing me was a mistake. Now I know that you are a Bxxx !!

I walk away. I can't believe he said those things, I'm not important to him and I'm a mistake. I go to a small couch and I started to cry. I see Christian going to the old couch he was at before and e sits. I was waiting for him to tell me that he was sorry. But he didn't say anything. He shouldn't e mad at me, he should be mad at himself.

                                                                            { David P.O.V }

I was taking a nice warm shower, until I heard screaming downstairs. But these voices sounded very familiar, b/c it was Alejandra and Christian. Are they fighting? I come out of the shower and I go downstairs. I see that the two are far away from each other and they aren't talking.

David: Dude, are you okay?

Christian: WHY, DO YOU CARE !!!

He stands up and walks outside, but he slammed the door like he was mad at me.

David: Bxxx, I just asked a question

Alejandra: (cries) He's acting like a maniac

David: What's the matter?

Alejandra: (sniffs) I'm okay 

David: Ok - if you need to talk, you know who to call

Alejandra: k

 David: Oh- right we are about to leave in 10 mins

Alejandra: Ok

                                                                       { Alejandra P.O.V }

Me and David was just having a normal conversation, while waiting for Christian. We heard the door open.

Christian: Let's go !!

Alejandra: (whispers) Finally

David: We were ready- we needed to wait for you

Christian: (shrugs) whatever- I'm here, so let's go

Alejandra: (whispers) rude

Finally, we leave this weird abandoned house. After, a few mins of walking nobody (including me) was talking. I just know that we are mostly mad at each other or mad at one person. It was kinda getting dark, so we needed to stop.

David: Guys, let's rest right here ( - He just read my mind- )

Christian: Sure

Alejandra: Yes!!!- I'm really tired

We set up the campfire and ate the food that David made us (  It was pretty good )After we ate we went all to sleep.

                                                               --- Few hours later ---

I woke up scared because I felt a arm wrap on my waist. I look over my shoulder and it was Christian. I wanted to tell him to leave me alone, but he was about to say something to me.

Christian: Look....I'm sorry 

Alejandra: .....

Christian: I know you might be mad at me and you should be. Kissing you wasn't a mistake, it felt amazing and that made me think, that we can be more than just friends. As a true friend I should let you choose. If you want to be with David you-

Alejandra: Hold on a second- I don't want to be with David I...I want to be with someone else. And those things you said were really sweet. Kissing you was the best things that happened to my life

Christian: (Chuckles ) You always make my day- so do you forgive me?

Alejandra: Yes

I grab his hand, so our fingers can intertwind. I turn around and I kiss him on the cheek 

Christian: I love You

Alejandra: I love you too and go to sleep

Christian: ( laughs ) Fine- Goodnight Ale

Alejandra: Good night-Chris

Hi guys, sorry if I didn't uploaded any chapters because I am busy with my summer break and homework and I was allowed to take a break, so it was a chance to write chapter 3. I think chapter 3 it's really cute. Who ships Christandra ? 

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