chapter 32

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Rosie pov:-

I thought about how he failed as I husband but I didn't think how much I failed as a wife and a queen. Bitter tears spilled from my eyes. I was only thinking about how much I was going through but I failed to think about his side.

I stood up and looked around trying to find him but he was nowhere in sight. I ran in the direction where he went but couldn't find him. I shouted his name again and again. He was nowhere.

"Edward, please come back", I whispered as I fell on my knees sobbing. I closed my face with my hands. I gasped when I felt a warm hand wrapping around my waist and hoisted me up. I threw my hand around his neck and hugged him tightly. His hands wrapped around my waist.

"I'm sorry", I whimpered, he ran his hand in my hair in a soothing manner. I sobbed in his neck tightening arms around his neck.

"I'm sorry too, Please stop crying I can't see you like this", he whispered squeezing my waist ever so lightly. He pulled away from me and wiped my tears. He stood us up. I opened my mouth to say something but he shushed me.

"Not now will talk later, now come here", he muttered before lifting me up in his arms in bridal style. I wrapped my hand around his neck and leaned my head in his crook of his neck and breathed his scent, which calmed me instantly.

"I didn't mean anything I said to you before", I mumbled softly he looked down at me and gave me a small smile before looking ahead. He knows what I was referring to.

"I know"


"Whose house is this", I asked Edward as he put me down before a beautiful small house. It looked homely and welcoming. He didn't reply but walked towards the front door and knocked twice. I rose my eyebrow when I heard a voice call out ' coming' from inside. He just shook his head and extended his hand towards me. I pouted and took his hand, he immediately pulled me towards him.

The door opened and there stood a beautiful woman, her black hair cascading down till her knees. She smiled brightly when she saw Edward and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. Edward laughed merrily and hugged her back.

My jaw dropped at the scene in front of me. Some part of me was jealous and some part was curious of the woman before me. I cleared my throat to get their attention which I got successfully. That woman squealed loudly and launched herself on me taking me by surprise. I stumbled back before regaining my posture. I wrapped my hands around her awkwardly.

"Finally you bought her, I felt like I was waiting for years", she pulled away from me and wiggled her finger before Edwards nose. She turned back to me. Edward chuckled and came next to me and wrapped his hand around my waist.

" Rose this is Ella, my sister and Ella this is rose, my wife, my mate", he introduced us but my jaw was already dropped in shock. She is ella, his sister. What was she doing here? In the meadow. I looked in her closely as I realized that they both had the same grey eyes but hers was lighter compared to Edward and same hair color. I looked between them, they had little similarities between them.

I moved back from her as I remembered what Edward had gone because of her. He had been tortured for 5 years because of her. He was not given the attention because of her. He suffered because of her. All these thoughts bought a bitterness towards her. Before I could move back, Edwards arms tightened around my waist.

"Its Okay, it's not her fault", he whispered in my ear before moving back. I bit my lip and looked down.

"Rose is tired, she needs rest", Edward said to her smiling sadly. Her face fell slightly but she put on a bright smile on her face and welcomed us inside.

"Your chamber is cleaned and ready you can use it. Both of you freshen up, I'll make lemon tea", she said before walking away inside a chamber which I assumed must be the kitchen. Edward lead me towards his chamber. It was a large a chamber, almost half of the floor. It had a lovely balcony view. I avoided Edwards narrowed gaze at me and went towards the balcony. I opened the door and went outside in need of some fresh air.

The gush of wind flew my hair back. I smiled as I looked around. It was a calm and soothing surrounding. My moment broke as I felt hands wrapping around my hips. I smiled and leaned my back over his hard chest.

"Can I touch our baby now, please", he whispered in my neck before placing a kiss there. I didn't reply but placed my hand on his and moved it upwards on to my stomach. I heard him take a sharp breath as the warmth spread on his palm. I giggled and he laughed. I turned towards him, his hand stayed on my stomach.

I wiped a tear which fell from his eyes, he laughed before kneeling before me and wrapped his arms around my hip and buried his head in my stomach. I giggled again and ran my fingers in his hair.

"You don't know how much I yearned for this moment", he whispered in my stomach. I didn't say anything just watched him snuggle into my stomach.

"I'm sorry, my baby. What I said before was all for an act, a lie. Your a blessing to me, I promise you I will never hurt you or your mother. I love you and I'm sorry  ", he whispered softly before pulling back. He kept his both of his palm on my stomach and kissed my stomach in the center. I laughed in surprise as I felt warmth spreading on my stomach once again. He looked up at me in shock and disbelief.

"", he struggled with his words, I giggled at his reaction. He gave me a full blown grin and leaned his head on my stomach.

"Yes, he forgave you", I smiled but frowned in confusion when he muttered something in foreign language before kissing my stomach again. He stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

"What about his mother, did she forgive me?", He looked in my eyes longingly. I bit my lip and shook my head in no. I can't let him know that I already forgiven him not before knowing all his hidden secrets. I moved away from him and turned towards the view.

"What can I do to earn her forgiveness then?", He asked me as he came and stood next to me. His hands were crossed behind his back. He gaze was trained on sky above us. I bit my lower lip in hesitation before asking him.

"Tell me about Ella"


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