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"Nobody wants to be needed. Everybody needs to be wanted." 

"These scars don't define who I am and neither does the pain that put them there."

"Who would we be without trials and pain? We wouldn't learn lessons. And without lessons, hardship and mistakes we would never grow."

"It's not your beauty that makes you shine, it's the strength you show the world when facing the hardest trials in life."

"Behind every smile is a girl's will to look strong. But if you look into her eyes you will find that smile hides so many secrets left untold."

"Every girl just wants a guy who will understand and accept her. One who will stand by her, protect her and never lay his hands on her for any reason but to comfort her and love her."

"Never compare your pain to anothers. What one person finds painful and traumatizing another may see as a small matter. Race, gender and age hold no relation to the severity to ones situation or response. Although we're all human, we're unique individuals in the way we think, feel and act."

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