Chapter 5: Assassination and Village Defence

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~Timeskip 5 months Later~(#HaloWarsLogic)

~Jaune POV~

Well the Construction of the buildings took longer than expected, with help with Constructs we were able to build homes and bases for our new settlement or kingdom of you put it that way. Crocea Bane was able to build docking bay for the 'Crocea Mor's Bane' and dock it while remaining undetected from the Radar of any kingdom. I'm very surprised on how the AI were able to do those, I guess that's why the Covenant view them as gods. Luckily it took us two month took make the homes needed for both the Civilians and soldiers alike, we also built Medical building or Hospital in Human terms for healing our wounded and sick, it took us one month to make the Facilities for Vehicles, Ammunitions, Weapons, Equipment and Armor, the Armor is made out of Nanolaminate for our soldiers. Ammunition were a bit tricky, but luckily Crocea Bane was able to make Plasma Ammunition for us. Also they built a facility for clothes. So yeah, after building those, we made a fortified wall around the settlement, the wall and building is made of both Forerunner Metal and Nanolaminate, also the Wall is being defended with the defensive turrets, the turrets ranged from Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Air Turrets. Surprisingly the Anti-Infantry Turrets works against on armored Grimms. The Forerunner Facility, who is concealed well in mountains, was soon made the Main Capital building of city and its in the center of it. The Capital building is conceal by the mountains while in the bottom are military bases and hangers for vehicles to be stored.I was made the leader of their new found faction and city, since my leadership proves me to be worthy of my new title, other than name FleetMaster, I was given the title Arcbiter. To the new faction they say the title Arcbiter is almost like Arbiter, like leading the people. And surprisingly it's almost like a pun...heh...ARCbiter. And we named the city "Crocea's Light"(I'm not good with City names). Also we're helping our Grunts adapt to the air in this planet so they don't need methane to survive, luckily we were able to make like a vaccine that makes Grunts breath in oxygen.

I am now checking the reports that were given to me, the reports are good news as usual. The report says they were able to get rid of a Grimm infestation in some areas. And some reports say about some civilians joining the Military or The Military Police. As I finish reading my reports, I look out the window to see rhe whole city in a window view from up here. Now it makes me think we should have some Humans and Faunus joining the our Kingdom, unfortunately we cannot do that, without taking that risk of being discovered by kingdom. And Atlas is what worries me if we were discovered. The last thing I need now is Atlas in my doorstep asking for trade of our tech, they need to get through us first if they want to take them.


I was cut out fo my thoughts when my SIC, Commander Zikan burst in.

"What is Commander Zikan?" I said as I stood up from my chair as Zikan approaches me.

"I got reports from one of our scouts, apparently a Village far from here is currently being under siege by the White Fang. What should we do?" Zikan reported.

"Mobilize The Troops! Get a squad ready and prepare to repel this attack! I will join this defense. This may be the perfect opportunity to have Humans and Faunus joining our kingdom."

"Yes Arcbiter." Zikan complies as he runs off to get the troops mobilized.

I activated my comm. and one of my best Snipers to get here, I have job for him that Atlas wasn't able to do.

The door opens revealing my best Sniper Jackal, Zir Yaq "Yes Boss?"

The door opens revealing my best Sniper Jackal, Zir Yaq "Yes Boss?"

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