23- Finding the journal

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"I'm sorry if you thought that I was acting strange, I was starting to get frustrated that you two hadn't hooked up yet." Ethan says, resting his hand on the chair.

Sadie began to giggle a little while looking at Antonio, she then looked at Ethan smiling at him nervously "Well, we kinda have been together for a little while now, I told Antonio that I wanted to take things slow." Sadie spoke, scratching the back of her head.

Ethan's eyes got wide and grinned, waving his finger back and forth from Sadie to Antonio "You two have? Since when?" He was surprised to hear that, and placed his hand on his heart, looking up at the ceiling "What a relief."

Antonio and Sadie looked at each other amazed, both of them worried that he would have been upset about the two of them hooking up, Antonio smiled while looking over at Ethan "If you're that curious to know, we hooked up the night you brought Sadie out on a date. That night it sorta just happened, and I dipped the stinger into the honey."

Ethan chuckled "So the date with Sadie worked then..." he grinned, loving that they hooked up "Harlow really was a smart woman, she saw things between you two, when she realized that she was going to be leaving everyone, she watched everything when you didn't even realize that she was. As much as she hated it, she came to terms with everything. She loved how Sadie was with the girls and how the girls loved Sadie, she didn't want someone else raising them, she had a lot of trust in Sadie." he looked over at Sadie, pinching his bottom lip as he thought for a minute "She also saw how Antonio would look at you, she felt that you would be the right choice for him once she was gone."

Sadie felt numb and sat back down, Antonio was in shock and couldn't say a word. He stood there covering his mouth thinking about what Ethan just told them, and then thought back to when Harlow was alive, wondering if she was giving him any clues that he never picked up on.

"My advice to you, is to find her journal. You'll get every answer that you want to know inside that. Everything that she wrote, she wrote from her heart. She also wrote it for you, Antonio. Just please don't feel guilty if you two are together, It's what she wanted."

"Is there anything else that we should know about?" Antonio asked, still in shock.

"I told you more than I should have already, I'm going to get going before I say anything more that I shouldn't be." He says walking to Antonio, placing his hand on Antonio's shoulder "Call me if you need anything, or even if you just want to talk. I miss the old days."

He smiled at Sadie "You're a good woman, keep doing what you're doing."

"Antonio, your wife loved you very much, and this is what she wants. I give her a lot of credit for doing all of this for you, your kids and Sadie. Truly shows what kind of person she really was."

Ethan left feeling that he completed Harlow's wishes, hoping that the two of them will fulfill her wishes. Antonio and Sadie both sat down looking at each other, not knowing what to say to each other.

"I have to say, I feel a little better knowing that I have Harlow's approval to move on, I guess I do need to see it myself with my own eyes to feel even better." Antonio says quietly, tapping his fingers on the table.

Sadie stood up and walked over to Antonio, sitting on his lap and giving him a warm hug. She rested her head on his, whispering "I told you that she was up to something, I knew it. Now we know why, and what it was about."

She touched the side of his face, gently moving it to face hers and looked deeply into his eyes. "She seriously did a wonderful thing here for the girls, a very selfless act. I give her a lot of credit, with all the pain that she was in, and still did all of this." she says, kissing his lips softly "I'm going to go check on the girls."

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