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"I would have kissed every scar that had been planted on your heart and loved you for who you are."


When we finally arrived the barn, the air had gotten even more hot than before since the sun was at its highest temperature of the day.

The light reflected off the dusty dirt and hay stacks that laid around randomly of the abandoned property.

We stood in front of the closed barn door, the suspense and anticipation killing me to see my car after how many months. I'd be surprised if it still worked properly and there weren't any animals living in the worst places, they could possible live in inside of a car.

"Wonder why this place is abandoned," Jungkook said as he scanned his eyes along the property.

"Seems like a horrific ghost story," I said before he turned his head to look at me.

"The owner was chased out or, worse, killed by a demon."

He tsked at me, but his face looked concerned, "Stop. You're going to freak me out if you keep spewing off stuff like that."

"Watch out, Jungkook. Satan's gonna catch you," I said as I pushed open the barn door, running away from him as I knew he was annoyed with me.

He chased after me and his voice got louder as I moved away from him, "Mimi!"

I stopped in my tracks when I noticed the tarp that covered my car was laying in the hay covered ground and no car to be seen.

My heart pounded in my chest. Millions of worries bombarded my thoughts.

How long has it been gone?
Did Jordan find it?
When did he find it?
Is he back?
Does he know everything?
Did a burglar or a homeless person take it?

Jungkook stopped behind me, and I could hear him say a few swear words I wouldn't repeat.

"Oh, no," he whispered.

I turned back around and faced him, our facial expressions matching each other.

"Where the hell is my car?"

I watched as Jungkook looked around the barn, his eyes scanning the wooden walls around us. He was keeping something from me, I could tell. I continued to watch him, and his stare seemed to refuse to meet mine.

"Jungkook, if you know anything about this, any idea at all, I'd like for you to tell me," I said, my voice dangerously low.

I felt like he was an animal ready to pounce out of the danger zone, and I had to coax him to calm down. His eyes finally met mine after a while, and he sighed with a big huff of air. He dug his hands into his pockets and hung his head low in defeat.

Without a word to me, he took out his cellphone and dialed a number, putting the mobile device to his ear. I watched in confusion and tried to listen closely to his odd conversation he decided to have at the most random and worst time.

"Meet me at my place," he said, hushed.

I crossed my arms and arched a dark brow upwards. What the hell was this?

"Yeah, it's happening again. Bring him along with you," he continued before he hung up without uttering a goodbye to the other person on the line.

I stuck out my leg as I leaned against the other and I could feel the anger boiling inside of me. I was sick of all the weird things that had been going on, I just wanted some straight answers.

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