Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


I sat there staring into James' eyes, hoping that when I was finished telling him everything, the sparkle wouldn't be gone the next time he looked at me... because as much as it drove me crazy, it was also the best part of my day. I’d been denying that truth for months.

I thought about how my Halloween kiss had been that of a pumpkin rather than a prince... or more appropriately a zombie instead of an angel.

Processing all I needed to reveal, I found myself drifting once again back to London. Jon and I stayed there for two weeks of what I considered pure bliss at the time; making love and talking about life, laughing, listening to him play the guitar. He often had to take business calls, but aside from that we enjoyed each other. We stayed cooped up in the beach cabin the entire time; if we went out it was separate.

Jon claimed that he wanted us to be together without the drama of cameras and questions before reality back home set in. I followed his lead and we kept ourselves a secret, even from Marcus and Trudy, who both believed Jon was taking a break in London while I isolated myself from the world in some remote location where I couldn't be reached.

At the time I saw no problem with it; I wasn't ready for people to question us or start rumors about our relationship. I just wanted to enjoy every minute of it. I thought it was great that I didn’t quite have to share him with the world; I wanted to be selfish. Because of that I fell into a false sense of security.

After those two weeks together, he announced that he needed to head back to begin shooting his new film. I knew all about it and was well aware of the obligation, so I reluctantly accepted the fact that he had to go. When his car pulled up to the cabin, we kissed like we'd never see each other again.

He pulled me to him; arms wrapped tightly around my waist and gave me a long, lingering kiss. My arms were around his neck instantly, pulling on his wild hair as I loved to do to keep his mouth melded to mine. Our mouths moved slowly, deliberately, memorizing each movement of each other’s lips until he finally pulled away.

“I love you Holly,” he said, looking directly into my eyes.

“It’s only a couple weeks, right?” I smiled at him, trying to put on a happy face.

He pulled away and I watched him wave before he got into the car. That was the last moment I was able to look at him without disgust, anger, or pain.

I didn't go with him to the airport because of the potential photographers. Jon didn’t want any stories about us circulating yet, which even at the time seemed silly considering I’d gone everywhere with him before when we had been just friends and he never worried about the rumor mill then. I was just his assistant as far as everyone knew, but he seemed paranoid that the truth would come out. I chalked it up to the insecurities he had from such a public relationship and breakup with Danielle before I met him and tried to think of the rest of my vacation as a time to do things for me.

Of course, I’d worked for him for so long that after a week of not knowing what to do with myself, feeling lonely and bored, I decided to head back early and surprise him. It had been hard enough to leave my boss and friend, but to be away from my boyfriend and lover after just only accepting and acknowledging my feelings was too much.

We’d hardly spoken since he left because he was busy shooting his new movie and I knew I had to see him, the man I was head over heels in love with. Granted, I figured my days of anonymity were over, but I had so much to gain at having Jon by my side that I could care less. I smiled as my plane flew into LAX, knowing that he would be just as excited to see me. I pictured the joy on his face, the big smile when he saw me, and his voive when he told me how much he missed me. I didn’t expect what I walked into.

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