I can't believe it

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I hope you enjoyed Chapter 5 and look forward to the next chapter. I also apologize in advance that this chapter is probably a bit weaker than its predecessor. I really had problems putting everything together the way I thought it would * sighs* I just rewrote this multiple times until it got the way it is right now. (at least I am fine with it to publish it)

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In this sense: have fun with Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I can't believe it

As the new day dawned, Katsuki was awakened by the dawning light of the late autumn sun. He had forgotten to pull the curtains of the balcony. Shit. He still wanted to sleep. He turns a little, only to feel a resistance and open his eyes.

The first thing he saw was the peaceful smile on Eijirou's face. The redhead was still cuddled in the pillows and breathing evenly, with some of the red streaks hanging over his face and making him look damn cute. Briefly, the blonde remained in his position and looked at this peaceful picture, before gently stroking a strand behind the younger man's ear and rising with a sigh.

He fished for his shorts, which he pulled over, and made his way to the kitchen to make coffee. He had lighted a cigarette and waited for the machine to brew the brown liquid of life and tapped on his smartphone. He soon took a sip of his coffee before something red caught his eye.

He looked at the door where a sleepy Eijirou stood and rubbed his eyes. "G'morning", he mumbled sleepily and Katsuki had to grin. The redhead looked like an owl had nested in his hair, it was so messed up. He also noticed the fine shaking of his legs, as Eijirou went to the table and sat down, hissing softly. Looks like someone had troubles in walking and sitting. It was hard to resist a comment, but the blonde swallowed down what was on his tongue. Instead, he turned the redhead's attention to something else.

"Milk and sugar?", He asked and got the answer: "Milk yes, please, sugar no, thanks." The blond poured him coffee and handed Eijirou the cup, which he accepted with a tired "Thank you" and a sip before he sighed relieved. "Why are you awake when you're still tired as fuck?" Katsuki wanted to know and Eijirou looked at him. "Because the bed was so empty" he murmured against the porcelain and Katsuki's lips twisted into a smirk. "Is that so?" Katsuki asked. He let his eyes wander over the skin, which had clear traces of the blond at the neck. The next time he would have to leave much more of these marks on Eijirous skin. But now was not the time to worry about something like that. Much more, he focused on the redhead, "And that's why you're fucking torturing yourself out of bed?" Eijirou looked meaningful at the blonde. "Yeah! It's a damn good reason" he said, taking another sip as his stomach began to growl.

"Sounds like you need breakfast" the blonde hinted and Eijirou scratched the back of his head. "I guess so" he said, watching as the blonde moved back to the counter and started fiddling around, and soon there was a smell of fried bacon and eggs in the apartment. Katsuki put them an omelet, and they both started their breakfast.

After this, the redhead once disappeared in the bathroom and showered extensively, before he got clothes from Katsuki and made himself comfortable in the living room. As the blonde showered, he zipped through the channels himself before hanging on the morning news. > ... as the police found out, similar incidents had happened a few months earlier. Now the police are trying to deal with the cases that have a parallel.<, one heard the news.

Eijirou felt a strange tug in his stomach. He had finally managed to leave the matter with Toshi and not ask for it anymore, but now this was rolled up again. His questions, suppressed by other questions and recent events, came back to his mind. //I shouldn't get into it any more... // Still, some of his thoughts were darker again.

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