~ Child In A Candy Store ~

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"If we can find some materials I can fix myself with your help." 9S explained. Walking with 2B's guidance, 9S was a little uneasy on his feet. He kept her up to date with his system status via a primary connection through their hands.

"Gyroscope Malfunction, hot-fix in progress. Hot fixed installed." His walk had been slow and sluggish but now he was able to walk properly with her, yet still held hands.

"A Hardware store, that will be perfect." 9S explained and walked with her through the city. Sure they got stares from people but 9S did not care. 9S was like a child as he walked, looking left and right and taking everything in. This was too much for him! Humans! Real Humans!

"2B, these are humans, they are going about their day, like normal humans!" He grinned, giggling to himself. "What is that... what does this do.. why is this here?" 9S asked so many questions as they walked, it was good that they were holding hands because he was almost wandering off half the time.

As the two of them walked in the crowded cluster of concrete and humans, 2B had to keep a tighter grip on his hand to keep him from going off on his own in the condition he's in. 2B kept a scowl on her face the whole time, causing people to glance their way even longer. 2B pretended not to notice and just kept walking.

"Will you shut up!?" She whispered loudly. It was like 9S hadn't even heard her when she talked about keeping a low profile because they hadn't been created yet in this time period. Even if that was the case, her programming kept giving her urges as well. There were humans everywhere and all she wished to do was serve and protect them all. It was no wonder 9S was so elated. 9S had been proven to have much less restraint than 2B.

"We're already dressed differently than the rest of them, do you really wanna draw more attention to us?" 2B mentally groaned; of course he did. Part of her wanted their approval too. YoRHa units especially had been programmed to long for the touch, the praise, the acknowledgement of their creators. It was what made the prospect of humans on the moon, motivation enough to continue the Machine war.

The battle borne android had no idea what any of the signs and buildings said but she spotted one with a hammer on it and assumed that was obviously the hardware store place. Practically dragging 9S inside like a dog on a leash, she pulled out the leftover money she had on her. There appeared to be no one at the counter currently so, surely they could just leave the money there and take what they needed.

"Hurry up and find what you need, 9S. Your systems are slowly shutting down. We need to be quick about repairing you."

"I am sorry 2...2..2... bbbbbbbbbbb" His mouth struggled to stop speaking and he had to slap his jaw to stop its repeated twitch. "Its just so.. so much to take in. These people, they do not know that they will all be dead when the aliens arrive. That the machines will take over the world..." He paused as he looked around.

A look of blatant concern could be noted on her face when his speech had stuttered a bit. His tiny malfunctions had broken her heart into another fragment with each one. Emotions were forbidden at YoRHa but if that were true, why did she feel so much? Why did all of the units exemplify emotion at its purest form. AI or not, what she felt had impacted her. When they'd entered the hardware store, she watched him messing around with the shopping trolley like he was some sort of toddler.

9S kept silent until they found the store. Walking in with her, he began to move down the isles, it was hard to find what he really needed but his eyes and visor quickly broke apart the equipment and worked out what he needed. Coming back with a shopping trolley, he was grinning wide.

"Look 2B, it is a shopping trolley, I've only ever seen one in ruins. Watch!" 9S moved and then stepped on the axle, rolling across the floor. "Its fun!" 9S laughed, but quickly stopped to check more things into the trolley.

"9S. I know you're curious but, you might end up breaking something."

At this particular moment, the android felt like a mother in a supermarket but, that did look fun. Maybe when the future arrives, they can go to the ruins of a shopping centre and try it out.

9S came back with an entire trolley full, not even any of the money, if they had money that would work here, would pay for this.

"Here!" He put his hand on the card slot machine and hacked it, the payment coming through perfectly. "I left exactly what was on the little signs." 9S explained, pushing the trolley out into the street.

Without being able to read or having her Pod there to translate things to binary code to her, 2B was prepared to leave their futuristic currency and hope it would work but, 9S was luckily much more knowledgeable about these things and was able to hack the card reader. The taller placed a gloved hand on his shoulder, giving it a pat. "Nice work."

Finding an empty warehouse, 9S would walk her through repairs, this time he did not need to be unconscious as 2B could work on his open head or he could work in a mirror.

"My systems will be able to work at 95% effectiveness, although my life expectancy has been severely reduced to only Two Thousand years or so." 9S paused and bit his lip, it was known that it was 5012 that the aliens attacked. 9S would not live that long.

"I will use my remaining time to secure your life expectancy and secure your position returning to our own time." Even knowing he would die before returning home, he wanted to make sure she did.

The two were sure to leave as hastily as possible. The Scanner had discovered an abandoned warehouse, where they'd have to stay until 2B could find employment. With the tools they had, he'd be alright again, at least for awhile.

The white-haired girl was actually excited to get him back into functioning order again, that was until his words stopped her in her tracks. His life expectancy wasn't nearly as long as hers would be now. Since they had no access to the bunker, there was no way they could fully restore him to 100% functionality. And thus, the cycle continues.

"Dammit!" A heavy fist slammed down on the wooden floor of the building. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, her body convulsing in sobs. No matter what scenario, it seemed that 9S was just born to die. Sure, he'd last longer than before but, he'd be dead by the time the aliens attacked and 2B wouldn't see him again until YoRHa's second generation of androids.

The only thing 2B could take solace in was that she wasn't the one killing him this time. Since 9S had no idea of what 2B knew, he'd probably chalk her emotional outburst up as an uncharacteristic moment of weakness rather than a genuine moment of sorrow. She tried her best to keep him at arm's length at all times in fear of getting attached to something she'd lose.

"Just... just tell me what I need to do. We'll keep you here as long as we can. Then, when your time comes, I'll be waiting."

9S placed a hand on her arm, "Do not worry 2B, even if I am gone, I can leave some parts of me behind, with my skills in hacking; I could create a POD of our own, I've tried to learn a lot while I was on the Bunker." Smiling softly, 9S gave her arm a squeeze.

"You're strong and you're much better at taking care of yourself than me." 9S laughed quietly. "I mean, the first time we met, I had to blow myself up after I was badly injured." He admitted with a grin, "I'm a scanner, I'm a support role for you, I get you to where you need to be; which now means the future." 9S told her.

Looking around, he tried to get the warehouse to be suitable for them for the short term. 9S collected some blankets from an old office and even found a small live power supply they could use.

"I am going to shut myself down for a little while, some of my code is fragmented and I can fix it while I rest." laying down on a blanket and closing his eyes.

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