Chapter 16

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Day : Sunday
Date : 08/07/18

Hello guys! We meet again! Okay okay I don't want to make you wait any longer. But this is IMPORTANT. Please read this first.

In the previous chapter, I stated that Kira said "five years ago under the big tree" right? But actually it's wrong. I made a mistake there. It's three years ago, not five.

Okay, that's all. I hope all of my readers read this first. Okay now you can proceed.


Camellia Waters' POV

"Mom." I said while smiling before walking to her.

My brothers and I knew that she's not my real mother but what can we do? She wanted us to call her "mom" and wanted to be treated like one.

At first, I refused to call her that let alone treated like one. But after hearing her story, I rethink about her offer and finally accepted her.

[ Flashback to three years ago ]

"Girls, it's getting late already. I think we all should go back home now." Hannah said after looking at the time on her phone.

"Yeah. I think so too. It's almost midnight already."

"Yeah and our parents will be so angry if they found out we are still here. Especially you Cam. Your brothers will be so piss if they found out you sneaked out again."

"Okay..let's go home now." I said while starting to get up from the grass.

As we all have stood up, we started to walk to our bicycle.

"I'll go first. Bye girls." Hannah said before started to ride her bicycle.

"Hey wait for me! I don't want to go alone!" Kyla said before started cycling. "Bye girls! Bye Cam!" she added while following Hannah.

"Bye!" the two remaining girls and I said together.

"Let's get going too." Kira said, getting ready to go.

" both can go. I want to buy something first."

Actually..I lied. I didn't even want to go buy anything at that time. But..I had to say that cause I want to stay a little bit more.

"We can go together." Alice said.

"No no. It's okay. I can go alone."


"No. Just go. I'm fine."

"Okay then. Anything just call me, okay?" Kira said making me nodded my head like a good little girl.

"Bye Cam."

"Bye." I said while watching them cycling.

When they have gone from my view, I sighed.

"Great friends you have there." I heard someone said from behind me making me turned back quickly, feeling scared

I gasped as soon as I saw who just talked to me.

It's a beautiful woman. Like really beautiful. Of course my mom was more beautiful but still, she's a beautiful lady.

"Hello." she spoke, snapping me back to reality.

"H-Hello." I stuttered.

"Why did you lie?"


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