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Today is the first day back at school. Tami's day back after being in a coma. I just hope that no one will crowd around her and bug her with questions. One thing that I don't want is her going in a panic attack. 

I'm worried about her seeing Ruby and Victoria at school. It's bad enough that they caused her problems but now going to the same school? Something is bound to happen so shit is gonna hit the fan hard. 

I will do anything to keep Tami safe and if Victoria has anything to do with hurting Tami, then she better watch her back. I don't understand Victoria's motive, but she is damn crazy to think that she can get away with it. Not that i'm entirely sure she did it, but just letting you know now. No one and I mean no one hurts someone I love. 

"Wynter! Hurry up!" I smile at her voice and put on my shoes. "Geez, does it really take you that long to get ready or is it because you were daydreaming?" Tami says, walking into the room like she owns it. Well she can own my bed if she likes...

"Hey sorry. I was trying to think of ways to get in this bed." I laughed when I saw her cheeks go beet red. Suddenly my head hurt and I doubled over holding my sore head. 

"Ha! Not so tough when I hit you." Tami smirks and walks away, closing my door. Oh she's gonna get it. Running down the stairs I jump behind her before throwing her over my shoulder, her squeals in my ear. "Wynter! Put me down!" 

I pick up our bags and walk out the door, walking towards the car. "Damn baby, you have a nice ass. May I touch it?" I knew she was red in the face as she was kicking her legs and squirming. 

"No! Do not touch my butt!" Too late. My hand had already touched the butt. Oh damn, its actually really soft to touch. Chuckling I popped her down beside the car and I saw her red face and smiled kissing her cheek. 

"We're even now, Tam." She rolled her eyes and muttered a 'whatever' before jumping inside the car. She's too cute! I beam and grab our bags, popping them in the back before sitting up the front and turning on the car. I could hear the soft hum of the radio and Tami muttering the lyrics.  

It took about 10 minutes to reach school, the car park already flooded with kids cars and loitering around like they have nothing better to do. I could feel Tami tense as people see us in the car and move out of the way. I park the car and grip her hand. "We can stay here or go somewhere else if your not comfortable." I ask, caressing her knuckles, trying to watch her expression. She shook her head and grabbed her bag. 

"I have to do this. I'll be okay. Just... stay with me?" I smile and kiss her cheek before getting out of the car and to her side. I open the car door and let her out. Damn did time slow down? People gossiped as we walked hand in hand towards the entrance of the school building.  I held her hand tightly, reassuring that I was here with her. That she didn't have to be afraid. 

"You remember your class?" She nods and shrugs the bag strap over her shoulder more. 

"Yeah. Too bad your not in the same class." 

"I'll take you to and from class and I can come pick you up for lunch? How's that?" I watch as her eyes lighten and a smile paints her pretty lips. 

"That sounds good." Our hands swing slightly as we walk, her smile never leaving her face. See, nothing to be concerned about. Tami is back to her old self... slowly and that's what I like to see. Tami doesn't deserve to feel sad and depressed. 

"Here we are. You okay?" I ask, hugging her to me. 

"I'm good." And she surprised me. She had kissed my lips quickly before skipping inside her class, her hair swaying. Touching my lips, eyes wide. Wow. Shaking out of my daze I watched her as she took her seat. As soon as I knew she was all situated I walked off to my own class. God, she's amazing.

It was now lunch, classes had gone pretty fast for my liking. I was waiting outside Tami's classroom for her as I promised. Students walked passed me with a few glances but never spoke to me. As soon as I saw her my heart skipped a beat. She looked quiet nerdy with her glasses on but damn pretty sexy. I watched as she took them off, popping them away in her bag before walking to her English teacher. 

A few minutes later she came up to me with a smile. "Hey. Sorry I needed to ask a few questions about our topic." I smiles and take her hand, kissing it.

"No problem. Now lets go eat, I hear pizza calling my name." I grin and rub my stomach. Tami giggles and starts walking my pace. 

"Your so weird." 

"You love this weirdo." And... I just made it awkward. Until...

"Yes I do." I smile down at the brunette and walk inside the cafeteria. No one noticed us which was good and we grabbed some food. Tami had gotten a salad sandwich and some fries while I got the pizza. We sat down by the window seats, chowing down on our food. 

"Did you enjoy your classes? No one bugged you right?" She nodded. 

"I think they are scared if you talk to me, you might hurt them." Her giggles were so cute! Ugh this girl is gonna drive me insane. In a good way of course. 

"Good." I smirk and take a chomp of my pizza. She smiles and eats some of the fries. 

"Hey Tami, take this!" Suddenly a bowl of spaghetti was dipped on her head and pushed off her chair. My eyes widened and jumped out of my seat.

"Tami!" I ran to her but she was barley conscious.  Dammit! I turn to Victoria and glare at her. "You bitch! She was doing great! I fucking hate you! I don't understand why your here!" I shake Tami softly, tears coming to my eyes. "Please Tami." 

"Wynter..." I snap my head to Victoria. 

"What?! What do you want!?" She holds a hand over her mouth and she looks down her hands clenching. 

"I-I..."  growling lowly, I pick Tami up. 

"I don't have time for you. You disgust me. All I've ever done was help you from a stupid fire you caused and disappear out of your life like you wanted." As I was walking away I heard her yell my name again. 

"I was jealous! Wynter! I'm in love with you!" 

So.... hey.... that happened........

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