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•Y/N: Your Name
•E/D/C: Energy Drink or Coffee

Your POV:

A loud yawn escapes my mouth, which I block with my hand on instinct. I shake my head slightly to keep myself focused on the task at hand as I put in the final screw into the back of the robot. I've been working day and night on this hunk of metal with little to no sleep in order to complete it as soon as possible. I'm very excited for the outcome of the body; therefore, I couldn't wait to assemble it, nor could I stop once I started. Lukas assisted me by putting the instructions into simpler terms that were better to understand.

Overall, he's been a great guide. It wasn't as hard to build as I originally thought, but I will admit I hated connecting all the wires inside the android. That was just a big pain in the ass. With a soft sigh in relief, I take a seat on my desk chair to relax. At last, the robot is finished with its construction. Lukas' soft, caring voice rings through my wireless headphones that are positioned over my ears, gaining my attention. I turn my gaze over to the computer screen and meet his beautiful eyes as he talks.

"You should really rest, Y/N. It isn't healthy for you to stay up all night like this. The body could have waited," he says in a voice laced with deep concern for my wellbeing. I'm honestly fine, though. Sleepy, but fine. I'm used to staying up late to complete last-minute assignments anyway. This was nothing.

I give him a comforting smile, thankful that he's thoughtful enough to worry about my health like this. I find it know, for an AI. I reach for my E/D/C and take a small sip before typing my response to him. I don't want to wake anyone accidentally by speaking aloud to my digital companion, after all. I can only imagine the type of scolding I'd receive for staying up so late to work on this project of mine.

I doubt they'd believe it was for one of my classes either. I don't think my school has enough money to fund such an expensive piece of technology in the first place, let alone risk having a student keep it at home, especially if that student is me. My parents aren't that stupid to believe it either and would instantly become suspicious of me. It's times like these that I'm glad they never go into my room.

'You seemed to want the body pretty badly. It's the least I can do.' To show I was all right with doing this for him, I show Lukas a big smile only to have another yawn interrupt it. This AI is my friend, after all. Friends should help each other out, shouldn't they?

'Oh, that's right! I forgot to tell him, didn't I?' My smile widens by a fraction as I go on to tell him the good news.

'I'm going to be buying paints tomorrow, so I can make it look a little more human. What do you think?'

"Oh, what a good idea! You're so smart, Y/N," he compliments with a light blue glow on his cheeks. I can't help but feel my own cheeks heat up from his sweet words, but laugh it off, reminding myself that he's programmed to give out such compliments.

'Oh, how you flatter me, my good sir.' I chuckle lightly, being sure to stay quiet as I typed. I take my fingers off the keyboard to rub my eyes as I release yet another yawn. Lukas gives me another look of concern, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"Please, sleep for now, Y/N. It will mess with your performance at school," he coaxes in a soft voice that makes me feel even sleepier than before. With a light smile on my lips showing my defeat, I respond to him with,

'Okay, okay. I'm going. Goodnight, Lukas.'

"Goodnight, Y/N. Sweet dreams." He smiles back gently before I shut off my computer, plunging the room into total darkness aside from the slivers of moonlight that peek through my curtains. I take the white headphones off my head and gently set them down on the desk before standing. I make my way to my bed, immediately collapsing onto it and falling asleep without bothering to even cover myself with the blankets.

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