Meeting Them (V3)

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Guess what? I've started watching V3, and decided to add 3 new characters. I may add more as I find out that I love more characters, but this is all for now:

Shuichi Saihara


Rantaro Amami

I've only just now found the second victim, so if I don't know something, I'm sorry. Also, I'm making it so V3 goes to hope peak's academy as the year after Danganronpa 2's character (Nagito and his class). So the V3 cast will be in that type of scenario.

Also, for K1-B0, I'm going to identify him as male, even though he's a robot. I just don't want to call him an 'it'. I may find it a bit hard to write for a robot, but I'll do my best!

Without further ado, here are the V3's 'Meeting Them' scenario!

Shuichi Saihara

(y/n) was walking towards Hope's Peak Academy with a huge smile on her face. She was excited to meet her fellow classmates, and see what wonderful people they were.

As she was entering the classroom, she found her seat, and waited for everyone else to arrive.

... For she had arrived two hours before class started...

As the ultimate cheerleader, (y/n) was so excited to meet everyone, to see what kind of people they were. She wanted to cheer them on their way to victory, no matter what they may try to achieve.

Later on, one by one, each new classmate walked into the room. The first person (y/n) noticed was a blue-haired male with a hat on his head, looking down at the ground.

'He looks discouraged, like he's already feeling defeated. I'll go talk to him!' (y/n) thought, before walking up to the male.

"Hey! I'm (y/n)! What's your name?" (y/n) introduced with a smile.

The male seemed startled by (y/n)'s sudden words.

"Oh, I'm Shuichi." Shuichi shyly said.

"Nice to meet you! What's your ultimate talent? I'm the ultimate cheerleader!"

"I'm the ultimate detective... Technically."

(y/n) frowned.

"What does that mean?" (y/n) questioned.

"I'll tell you later. Class is starting soon." Shuichi said.

(y/n) then realized that Shuichi was right, grabbed her things, and moved them to a seat next to Shuichi's.

'This boy definitely needs my help! I'm happy to help him!'


'I wonder what ideas I'll be able to create with my classmates! I can hardly wait!' You thought, as you hurried to the classroom.

As the ultimate Ideas Creator, you were famous for giving people ideas on any and every topic. Inventions... Relationships... Course of actions... You name it.

When you stepped into the classroom, you saw that there weren't many people in the classroom.

"Where is everyone?" You questioned.

"Apparently you aren't required to come to class, as long as you work on your ultimate talent. Though that does seem to take out the whole point of coming to school. It seems counterproductive..." You heard a male's voice say.

You turned to thank the male, to see that he was a... Robot.

The robot seemed to notice your stare, and looked away.

"I know... How funny to see a robot here... But I'm no ordinary robot. I'm the ultimate robot!" The robot explained.

'So... He's a robot...' You thought.

"How cool! That's incredible! Do you have all sorts of cool functions and such?" You questioned.

The robot seemed surprised by your enthusiasm.

"Why yes, yes I do. My name is K1-B0, but please call me Keebo." Keebo explained.

Your eyes began to sparkle.

"Alright then, Keebo! I can tell that we're going to be the best of friends!" You said with a smile.

Keebo smiled.

"According to my calculations, but your enthusiasm for robots, the probability of us being good friends is very high."

You nodded.

"Not just good. 100% likely!"

'I can't wait to get to know Keebo better!"

Rantaro Amami

'Crap! I'm late!' (y/n) thought, as she ran towards the classroom.

Sure, she knew that she wasn't required to go, but wanted to make friends this year... Since she never had had any before...

As she entered the classroom, she noticed that there weren't many students there.

'Maybe the small amount of students will be good for me...' (y/n) thought as she found a seat next to a mysterious-looking male.

"Hello. I'm (y/n)." (y/n) greeted with a smile.

"Hey. I'm Rantaro. What's up?" Rantaro introduced himself.

(y/n) was almost shocked to hear Rantaro say such casual things to her.

... For she was always used to ridicule and hatred sent her way...

"Nothing much."

"Fair enough. You excited for the new school year?" Rantaro questioned.

"Yeah! I hope to make new friends." (y/n) admitted.

"Well, that's a good goal... Especially since you've already succeeded in making one friend."

(y/n) nearly opened her mouth in shock.

'... He's already considering me his friend?!'

"... T-Thank you... I-I'm honored..."

Rantaro looked a bit surprised.

"No need to be so formal about it. It's nothing, really."

"If you say so."

Class then began, and Rantaro and (y/n) had to stop talking.

... Which helped, since (y/n) was completely speechless about what happened...

'... Is this even real?'

I hoped you enjoyed. Starting on the next scenario, they'll all be together in one chapter, which will make it so chapters may not come out as soon as I'd like. But I'll do my best! Later! =^-^=

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