your first kiss

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- you're at the airport saying goodbye to him
- you kiss and it goes well
- you both hug each other for the last time (until he comes back home) and smile


- you're in his bedroom
- he leans in first
- bitch can that boy kiss (idk if he actually can)


- you're at his house
- he tells you he's never kissed anyone before
- he goes all in; tongue and everything. which was totally unexpected leaving you shook but satisfied ;)


- you're at the skatepark
- he falls down and scrapes his knee
- while you're cleaning his knee, he leans in and kisses you


- you're in his car 🚘
- you lean in
- but the kiss doesn't happen because jeremy chickened out of it


- you're at the park having a picnic
- you're eating noodles and do the iconic lady and the tramp noodle kiss thing
- outcome: she's a great kisser and the noodles are killer 10/10


- you're at a restaurant 
- you gave a quick peck on the lips
- and continued eating food

also, thoughts on tanacon?? i'm curious on what you think about the event.

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