Awaken, not there.... but still here

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(Feliciano's Pov)

I woke up in my room and looked at the person next to me, Lovino, I knew that Ludwig took us home since it was his and Roderich's turn to sit with Matteo. I sighed as I slowly sat up. Getting out of the bed and made sure that I didn't wake up Lovino, I grabbed my things and went to the bathroom and showered and got ready to head to the hospital.

(Romano's Pov)

I listened as Feli left the room, I knew that someone took me home last night. I got out of the bed and slowly walked to my room. I grabbed my change of clothes and went to take a shower, I want to look half decent encase that Matt wakes up today. I felt my tears mix with the hot water as it hit my face, nobody will know that I am crying now... I just want Matt to wake up.


We all were sitting in Matt's room since the doctor said that Matt might wake up today. So we all are sitting and looking at Matt. Kumajiour was sitting at Matt's feet nudging them slightly. Eliza stroked Matt's hair and hummed a lullaby to him.

"Ve~ I miss Matteo.... I don't-a like him this-a quiet..." Feli whimpered, I patted my twins head before looking at Matt's peaceful face. I thought I saw his closed eyes faintly twitch.

(Canada's Pov)

I slowly opened my eyes to see a white ceiling. There were gasps and shouts for a doctor. I tiredly looked around but all I saw was blurry faces, I blinked a few times but everything was still blurry.

"Ve~ Here you-a go!" a cheerful voice said.

A cool metal wire was placed on my face and everything was clear. I was then greeted by teary eyed smiles.

"We are so happy that your awake now!!" I looked to see a woman looking at me with bright gentle smile.

"Uh..." I tried to speak but my throat was dry and sore.

"Here drink-a this." A rough male voice said.

I was handed a glass of water and with the help of the man I was able to drink the clear liquid. There was a sound of a door opening and some footsteps of someone entering.

"Ah I am glad that you are awake sir," the man said.

I looked to see a man with a gelled back black hair, brown eyes and pale skin walking over to me. He had a white coat, and a blue shirt and pants, along with white shoes.

"I am Doctor Johnson," He introduced, I nodded.

I zoned out when he started talking about some injuries that I had and that none of them were too serious. To be honest I wasn't in pain or anything.

"The morphine is helping you with your pain right now so...."


I was very confused, but everyone seemed happy. I felt something lick my cheek and I looked down to see a.... White... I don't know what it is actually.

"So all in all he seems fine! Any questions?" Doctor Johnson said.

"I... I do." I said, feeling nervous when everyone looked at me.

"Yes?" The doctor nodded, I took a breath and released it.

"Who are you people? And what is this fuzzy white thing?" I asked, the girl fainted, two people who looked alike burst into tears and hugged me.

A man with short brown hair looked at me before fainting as well. The other three paled and muttered pain and suffering to... someone... or some people? Two other people fainted as well, I looked at the fuzzy thing as it cried and whimpered. I felt sad for the strangers.

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