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Hello, I'm currently working on chapter 1. I thought I would make this a little one-shot but I guess not... unless you guys want to decide?

One-shot book?

Regular book?

chrissybey I love her! She's amazing go check her out if you don't know her. She made my flawless cover.

Some creepy stuff happens in this book

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Some creepy stuff happens in this book. Things like Murder, Cannibalism, Torcher, Rape, and etc. It is a trigger warning so if you don't like it skip it. This book will be very detailed... so it won't exactly be update often.

My Main characters are (No pictures)

Beyoncé (Of course)

Nicki Minaj (Of course)


Ariana Grande

That's all. They will make an appearance in most to all of the chapters I make.

What is this story about? You'll have to find out.


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