Author's note

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Hi, nice to meet you. 😊 

In case you didn't read my profile, I'm trying to make my own superhero universe. If you've seen any Marvel/DC films, you'll probably know that means characters from one novel might be in another! I always thought this was an awesome concept, so I wanted to try it out.  The universe is called VN which stands for valiant novels and hopefully this book will be the first of a four-book series.


- Each part is not a chapter. Well, technically it is but it's more of a subchapter. I've done this to upload more frequently and for motivation lol.

- This is the first draft and therefore has not been edited. 

DISCLAIMER: To avoid any misconceptions, please note that the main character's symptoms described in this book are not a 100% accurate representation of schizophrenia. I made a fictional "rare version" of the mental illness, but I have done my research using the DSM-5.


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