Chapter 4: The Truth behind the Halo Rings and the Rise of a New Kingdom

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~Jaune POV~

This is happening, it is happening. In front of us is the Holy Oracle, the Prophets would be pleased of this discovery.

 In front of us is the Holy Oracle, the Prophets would be pleased of this discovery

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"By the Rings...the Oracle of the Gods!" I said with shock along with my comrades.

"Excuse me? What do you call me?" The Oracle known as 116 Crocea Bane asked confused by my response.

"The Oracle!" I said as my troops, who are still having looks of amazement, knelt down in one with knee while the Oracle looking at us confuse as ever. "The Prophet will be please, that we found a relic from the forerunners! And-"

"Oh my, it would seem that you guys have been very dramatic for the last hundred years. Please there's no need for formalities." Crocea Bane replied calmly.

"Yes Oracle." I said as I stood up. "Glorious day, The Prophet will be pleased that we discovered another forerunner artifact and discovered a Holy Oracle from this planet."

"It is a Glorious day indeed." Zikan agrees along the rest.

"Okay, why are you calling me an Oracle? My name designation is 116 Crocea Bane." Crocea Bane asked confuse on why we called him an Oracle.

"Forgive me Oracle, we were just happy to see that we discovered a Forerunner Artifact. It's like we discovered a Sacred Ring." I said.

"The Sacred Rings? You mean the weapon?" The Oracle said.

"What? No! The Sacred  Rings is what will bring us to salvation! It foretold that gods created the Sacred Rings to bring us to Glorious salvation and paradise." I said with pride in my voice.

There was awkward silence and I could have sworn I heard a Cricket somewhere until the Oracle started giggling until to burst out laughing.

"Hahahahahaha! Hehehe... that's a Good one hehe." Crocea Bane calms down and sees our confuse expressions. "Oh wait...your serious?"

"...Yes..." I asked confused on why the Oracle laughed at my state moment.

"Oh no, the Rings are not the path to salvation, they are a weapon to combat the flood." Crocea Bane said.

"W-what?!" I said confuse along with our comrades.

"B-but Oracle, I don't understand...we were told The Rings were a salvation, a gateway to paradise." My SIC said.

"Told? By whom? Anyone who told you all that is a fool, or quite, quite insane." The Oracle said as l and my comrades where shock by this, but Crocea Bane continues, "...that installation is a beautiful tool, designed to destroy everything the flood might feed on."

Me and Comrades gasped in shock and horror by the revelation, "...everything..." I said still horrified.

"Oh quite everything, and if even one flood spore survives the destruction from one of the Rings-"

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