chapter 1

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Sebastian's POV :

Its been a week since I got her here I had to fight and beat the shit out of them for hurting her I peeked through my window to look at her she was busy swinging in the garden I smiled to myself

Thanks to the architect whose build my study next to the garden so I could work in peace my gaze landed on the table where a file was kept which was labeled as 'atarah hill'

"atarah means a crown my parents were a normal couple and they turned into a king and queen after i was born. So a normal couple becomes a king and queen with a' crown' thats how i was named" her voice rang in my head

I shook my head and opened the file
Name : Atarah Hill
Age: 27
Height : 5'6
Complexion : wheatish
Education : graduated
Occupation : ex receptionist in a hotel
Current address : st Marys mental hospital ....

The list went on I flipped through the pages to find some important piece of information
Atarahs mother Mrs hill died of cancer after atarahs post graduation her father Mr hill downed himself in alcohol and would beat atarah after returning home one day when she couldn't stand her father's beatings and everyday girl walking into his bedroom she ran away to her aunts home

Where she stayed and started working in a hotel that's where she met James and fell in love and got married

Married for 5 years with James cahil has no children.5 years of marriage was a curse they fought everyday it is said that James had an extramarital affair going on behind atarahs back

Everything was still going smoothly till one day her mother in law died of a heart attack and James showed his true colors day by day his cruelty increased he would lock atarah in the house for weekends and went to his girlfriends house

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