Wattpad Block Party!

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Well well well, look who is back.

How are we all doing? And how many of you beautiful people still remember our Ammar and Aazeen! And come back and read every night. Show of hands.

So I have some super huge and fantastic news.

*Drum rolls*

I've been featured amongst many other talented authors on wattpad for the Wattpad Block Party Summer edition IV hosted by the lovely KellyAnneBlount it's honestly a dream come true and it's all down to you amazing folks.

So what does this mean. Well funny you should ask. The day which I will get featured hasn't been confirmed yet but loads of exciting things will happen. First of all I'll be doing a little intro about the awesome Moi and then answering some questions asked by you lovely folks and lastly for the grand finale.

A never before seen chapter of Ammar and Aazeen in the period of when they first got married!! Will also be there.

I know right!!

Okay how many months has it been since you've all been asking for a bonus chapter? What a great way for you to witness their story all over again. Okay so two things will happen.

Please add the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition IV to your library so you can all see when His Unbroken Ties gets updated. Please show our little family some big love by voting and commenting and showing how strong the Amazyn family is.

Secondly - This is an opportunity for you all to ask as many questions as you want me to answer for the session. It could be a question for Ammar, or Aazeen. It could be for any characters. It can even be for me as well.

So, all in all, we're shinning like stars *Flips hair back*. Please add the Wattpad Block Party Summer edition IV to your libraries and keep a look out for when His Unbroken Ties is updated. And don't forget to ask your questions here for it to be answered when I get featured.

Till then, Ai Janaana's,

Take care

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