I wrote this story to prove the mate bond right.

"When deep down in the core of your being you believe that your soulmate exists, there is no limit to the ways he or she can enter your life."
   - Arielle Ford

Chapter 1


“Leila! Are you ready?” I heard my mom call from outside in the hall.

I didn’t reply, as I finished running a brush through my hair. They warned me not to touch it. I was supposed to sit still on the bed, until they called out for me.

I was wearing a floor length, lace white dress that clung to my body- with some white, crystal stone, decorated heels.

The first thing my mom said after I slipped on the dress was, “It better look exactly like that when I come back. No wrinkles.”

I knew that meant I was to stay put.

My straight black hair was loose. Only a blue gem covered pin was decorating my hair and keeping it in place.

“Leila!” My mother yelled once again.

This time, she made her way inside my room.

“I’m ready,” I finally answered.

When her eyes landed on me, a smile spread on her lips.

“Oh, look at you,” she said, walking over to embrace me.

I smiled into her neck, so she wasn’t able to see me.

“Your dad is waiting for you downstairs. Everyone is already at Jackson’s house,” she informed me.

I nodded, and followed her out.

When my dad caught sight of me, he looked even more excited than my mom.

“My little princess,” he said, as I walked down the stairs of our house.

I was glad that my father seemed happy. It was the only reason I was going through all of this. I kept thinking I would run away. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to marry Alpha Nicolas.

But, everyone in my pack thought I was the luckiest girl there.

Even some She-Wolves began talking to me. They had always made a point to stay away from me. After Alpha Jackson arranged the marriage with Alpha Nicolas, people from the pack were more welcoming.

“Daddy,” I said, finally reaching him.

He kissed my cheek, and was careful not to mess my hair or my dress.

“You look like an angel,” he told me, wrapping his arm around my waist- as he led me out of the house.

“I can already imagine the pups you and Nicolas will have. My grandchildren will be strong, like their daddy and grand dad,” he said, putting his hand under my chin, and making me look up at him.

He looked so happy. I couldn’t help but smile up at him. I had already come to terms with what was going to happen. I at least appreciated that Alpha Nicolas seemed to care for me.

My stomach was in knots all the way to Alpha Jackson’s house. One of the pack members was going to marry us, while Alpha Jackson made the announcement about joining the packs. Everyone was excited, both Staten and Raven pack.

I was able to see all of the shifters gathered in the large back patio of Alpha Jackson’s house. There were flowers everywhere, something that my father had insisted on. He knew how fond I was of orchids, and I could see them decorate many areas of the patio.

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